Meet the Humans

I wanted to give just a wee bit of credit to the humans who we own.  I suggested the idea to the hoodlums kittens, but boy kitten said “This is a cat blog!  Why would we want to post anything about humans here?”  Girl kitten agreed, but I felt obligated to show a little bit (note: little bit) of mercy. 

First of all, I found a picture of them on the computer in the man’s office room.  It was labelled “Summer of 2007, Jenny Lake, Grand Teton National Park”.   I’m not sure what that means, but the place looks nice.

David and Sue

The man human calls the lady human “Sue”.  Since she has the same last name as we cats, she must be “Sue Caban”.  She is very nice and likes to aim the flashy box at us.  I like sitting in her lap, because she talks soothingly to me and she helps me sleep. 

The lady calls the man “David”, so he must be “David Caban”.  He takes things from the flashy box and makes them look good.  He is also our technical support guy.  He likes to setup these blog thingys and is very knowledgeable about internet thingys in general.  He has a comfy lap, which I get to sit in a lot because he sits on the sofa.  I have  the power to make him fall asleep! 

So, that’s a little bit about the humans we own.  They are nice people, and I’m glad I chose them, even though they occasionally forget my name and call me “Clyde”.