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Furry Bambino Foster Academy


Established in June 2009, Furry Bambino Foster Academy (FBFA) is a private boarding school specializing in the care and upbringing of foster kittens and cats. FBFA is affiliated with the animal rescue group PAWS Ohio, which helps with graduate placement services. Upon graduation, all graduates will have earned their Furry BFA (Furry Bambino Foster Academy) degree.

The Campus

Take a virtual tour of the Furry Bambino Foster Academy campus!
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Furry Bambino Foster Academy offers a rigorous academic program, geared at preparing kittens for all the crucial skills they will need in life. Students receive education in the fundamental feline skills of eating, playing, litter box, and sleeping. Physical education is a key component of our program, and several recess sessions of supervised romps throughout the second floor are permitted daily.

Furry Bambino Foster Academy is in session from Spring through late Autumn. School is closed during Winters due to the School Nurse’s asthma.

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Faculty and Staff

Get to know the faculty and staff of Furry Bambino Foster Academy!

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Padre Pussycat Bambino, Headmaster

Meet Our Students, Past and Present!

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Niecy, Kitten Season 2010


Trish, Kitten Season 2010

We are currently accepting applications for Spring 2011 Kitten Season! Apply today! Call 440-442-PAWS to be considered for enrollment. Or apply online by going to the PAWS web site.

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