Sunny and Sky Are One Today!

Hi Effurryone!!  ::waves paws excitedly::

Today is my first birthday!!!

And that means it’s Sky’s first birthday too!!

We do just about everything together!

We got borned together. Happy Mother’s Day,  Mama!

We got trapped together in the very same trap. We got to hang out in the kitty condo together (at first).

We got to stay at the Furry Bambino Foster Academy together.

We like to swarm Panda Bear together.


We got adopted together!

We nap together!

We beg for treats together.

We drink milk from Mom’s cereal dish together.

In honor of our birthday, we will be holding a Comment-a-thon! For every comment we receive on this post between now and next Sunday, July 31st at 11:59 pm, Mom will donate green papers to the Cleveland APL.

Enough about that – time to party! Make yourselves at home! We have noms, nip, niptinis, nap spots, toys, and brotherly love to share!

77 thoughts on “Sunny and Sky Are One Today!”

  1. Happy Birthday a little late Sunny and Skye. Gosh you are so cute. We are so excited that you got adopted together. We are very sorry that we are so late. Our assistant is just slack. We are also excited that your Mom is giving the shelter some moneys. Our Mom was born in Cleveland hundreds of years ago. Anyway, nice to meet you. Your kitty mom is gorgeous. Take care.

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