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Hi efurrybody! Padre here.

Sorry that we haven’t been blogging for a few days. We did not have access to a computer because we were AWAY FROM HOME. The Furry Bambinos are back home now at Casa Cabán, safe and sound. We are very very very happy to be home. This is where we were:

The Barkley Pet Hotel Sign

On Wednesday afternoon, Mommy scooped us up and shoved us into the evil cat carriers. Immediately, I voiced my protest, but to no avail. Daddy and Mommy put us into the room that moves and we drove away.

At first, I didn’t know what was going on, and I was afraid that Mommy and Daddy decided to give us back to PAWS, the rescue group that they adopted us from.  I was extremely upset, because I really love this furrever home, and I really love Mommy and Daddy. I was afraid that we did something bad, so they were giving us away.  🙁

But we did not go back to PAWS. Instead we went to The Barkley Pet Hotel and Day SpaTM.

The Barkley Pet Hotel & Day Spa

Panda Bear and I complained the whole way there. Meerkat kept quiet, but she was quivering the entire time.

Once at The Barkley, they showed us to our “suite”.  At least the three of us got to stay together in the same unit.

Our Kitty City Condo Unit at The Barkley

Apparently Mommy and Daddy were going out of town for a few days. Winter weather is unpredictable here in Northeast Ohio. So they did not want to ask a friend (like Miss Deb who visited us before) to try to navigate our driveway in bad weather. Dad kept saying things about “beaching the car in deep snow at the end of the driveway.” Whatever that means.

They let us explore the “Kitty City” at The Barkley. There was a climbing tower thingy, and Meerkat climbed all the way to the top!

Meerkat explores the jungle gym at The Barkley Pet Hotel

There were also some trees in the corner, so Meerkat checked those out, too.

Meerkat hiding among the trees

Panda Bear got hissed at by a kitty named Daisy who was staying in another condo unit. He was not miffed in the least, and looked at her as if to say “What’s with you?” Panda Bear also inspected this thing called a “step stool”.

Panda Bear explores The Barkley Pet Hotel

I preferred to hide out in the lowest level of our condo unit, which is where the litter boxes were.

Checking out the litterboxes at The Barkley Pet Hotel

Exploring the floor at The Barkley Pet Hotel

Mommy was very sad and gave us lots of hugs and kisses. Daddy gave us hugs too. Then they left!!! At least the humans who run The Barkley were nice, and checked on us while Mommy and Daddy were away. The Barkley humans fed us and gave us fresh water and emptied the litter pans.

While we were there, we found out The Barkley is mostly for woofies to spend the day or night, and that Kitty City is a special area just for us cats.  We heard through the grapevine of other kitties and snippets of talk from the humans that there is a pool, and a fountain, and massages, and accupuncture, and even  limousine rides for woofies!  Despite this imbalance of care for woofies, I consulted with Panda Bear and Meerkat and we give The Barkley a “4 paw” rating for cats!

Finally Mommy and Daddy came back on Saturday afternoon and rescued us from The Barkley. While it was a nice place to visit, all of us Furry Bambinos are so glad to be home!!

The Barkley did not have a computer for us to use, so we have a lot of catching up to do reading and commenting on blogs…


Hi efurrybody! Panda Bear repurrting.

First, we would like to thank our good friend Millie for giving us this award:

Excellent Blog

Wow, we are humbled to be awarded by someone like Millie, who has such a fantastic blog.  Now, we need to pass the award on.  We would like to recognize:

Max, The PsychoKitty (my purrsonal role model and truly an Excellent Blogger)

Now for the update on recent events at Casa Cabán.  This has been a tough week. Mommy and Daddy went back to work on Monday, leaving The Furry Bambinos home alone. We managed OK without them, but we missed them and gave them a warm welcome when they got home.

Then Daddy got sick with “the flew”. I dunno why they call it that, cause he sure wasn’t doing any flying like a birdie. And he was not as much fun as Mommy was when she was sick. Daddy went to work instead of staying home and sleeping on the sofa with us.

Then on the way home from work yesterday, The Room That Moves got sick. Apparently its scarf fell off while Daddy was driving to go get Mommy. The Room That Moves made awful loud noises. Daddy said that he had to call Triple A. They came and toad The Room That Moves to the fix-it place.  I didn’t realize Triple A used toads.

Panda Bear? 

Yes, Dad?

I said the muffler fell off, not the scarf.  And the car was towed, not toad.

Muffler, scarf, frogs, toads, whatever.

And Daddy says The Room That Moves will purr like a kitten once it’s all fixed.  I dunno about that.


Last night after dinner, Daddy barricaded himself in the human litter box room and began to make an awful racket!!  There was whirring and grinding and roaring and thumping and banging that was shaking something in the walls.  I peeked in to check on him.

Peeking at Daddy handling the Metal Snake Monster

Daddy was wrassling with a Metal Snake Monster that was coming out of the drain of the human bathing tub!

I always thought that snakes just made hissing sounds, but this snake must have been very angry and was making very LOUD noises.

At first I was worried, but I could see that Daddy had won the battle with the Metal Snake Monster.  He pulled a clump of hair from the snake’s mouth and said “See, here’s the problem, Panda Bear!”  So, I sniffed it.  It smelled icky, but I knew it definitely wasn’t MY hair!

Next, Daddy cleaned the human litter box room with smelly stuff.  Then he took out the Rug Sucking Monster and attacked the carpet.  Meerkat and Padre bolted, but I stayed to watch.

After that, Daddy and Mommy went to the basement and studied the big hot box in the middle of the room. They used big words like “eevaperater” and “hyoomiduhtea” and smaller words like “new filter”.  They played with the water hose to the big hot box, and got water on the floor.  So, I sniffed it.  It smelled kinda icky.  Then they put the hose away and went back upstairs.

Humans sure do some weird stuff!


On behalf of The Furry Bambinos, we want to wish efurryone a Furry Happy Valentine’s Day!!

We wish you much love, shnugglies, purrs, and cuddles!  This is Meerkat and Panda Bear “sharing” the cat perch on Padre’s Gizzy Quilt:

Kitty Perch

This is Panda Bear and Padre enjoying some quality time on the foot stool thingy:

Being Civil

We hope that you enjoy the day!

You might also enjoy this cartoon.   It was published nationally today, but might not appear in your paper.  Bizzaro: Animal Valentine’s Gift.  We thought it was appropriate because one of us Furry Bambinos left Mommy and Daddy such a gift this morning!  😆


The Furry Bambinos graciously let me post today in honor of Clyde, one of the kitties who came before Padre, Panda Bear, and Meerkat.

One year ago today, Clyde went to the Rainbow Bridge. He was struggling with lung cancer, and he decided that it was his time to go.

David and I adopted Clyde as a tiny kitten in May 1992.

1992 Clyde on Yellow Basket 

At the time, I spent long days away from home at work. So I thought that our 1 1/2 year old cat Mohawk wanted a companion.

1992 Clyde with Mohawk

Clyde was about 8 weeks old when he came into our lives, through an acquaintance named Barbara. Barbara ran a popular card store in downtown Cleveland. I frequently shopped there on my way home from work. One day I mentioned to Barbara that I was thinking of adopting a kitten as a companion to my cat Mohawk. Barbara said that her neighbor’s cat had recently had kittens, and they were ready to be adopted.

David and I picked up Clyde on Saturday, May 2, 1992 at Barbara’s house. Barbara told us that one of her own cats was a sibling of Clyde’s from a former litter. Barbara said that this mother cat’s kittens often grew up to be very large cats. It was hard to imagine at that point, since Clyde was small enough to fit inside your hand.

I had spoken to Mohawk’s veterinarian the evening before about adopting Clyde. Because I did not know Clyde’s feline leukemia status, Dr. D. recommended keeping Clyde and Mohawk separated until Clyde could be tested.

At the time, I lived in a one-bedroom apartment in Cleveland Heights. The only places I could close off were the bedroom and bathroom, and neither of those would work. The bedroom was out because of my allergies to cat litter. The bathroom was out because that’s where Mohawk’s litter box was.

Desperate, I finally settled on keeping Clyde in (this is going to sound terrible, but let me explain), ahem, the living room closet.

My apartment had a huge living room closet that contained both an overhead light and a window. The closet was about 5 feet long by 3 feet deep, and the ceiling was about 10 feet high. Much bigger than a cage in a shelter, for sure.

 Clyde's Closet

I set up a feeding area, play area, sleeping area, and a litter box in the closet. And Clyde was so tiny at that point. He could fit inside your hand (or a Kleenex box)!

1992 Clyde in Tissue Box

Luckily, after a few days of living in the closet, Clyde’s feline leukemia test results came back negative. Clyde was able “to come out of the closet”! 🙂

Clyde in Litter Box in his Closet

 Although Clyde sometimes got on Mohawk’s nerves, he mostly just wanted to have a friend to play with. Eventually Mohawk and Clyde came to an understanding, and often napped, played, and hunted bugs together.

1993 Clyde Above Mohawk

Clyde loved Mohawk, and tried to imitate him. Mohawk was very adept at balancing on the sink to drink from the faucet. Clyde grew to be much bigger than Mohawk, and therefore needed to adjust the technique used for getting a drinkie from the sinkie. Often, Clyde ended up with a wet head, but he was not deterred.

1993 Clyde Drinks from Sink

One of Clyde’s many nicknames was “Little One” since he was so tiny when we first adopted him.

1992 Clyde on David

Clyde and David shared a special bond.  As a kitten, Clyde liked to stand on David’s shoulders.

1992 Clyde on David

When Clyde grew too big to stand just on a shoulder, Clyde would stand on David’s back.

1993 Clyde on David

Well, “Little One” eventually grew into a full-size cat weighing 19 pounds! And he was not obese, just a really long, big mancat. Clyde could stand on the floor on his hind legs and see over the dining room table.  Here is a photo of me holding Clyde:

Clyde Dancing With Sue

See how long he was? However, even though he was a physically big cat, he was a scared little kitten when it came to things like new people and new homes. Clyde HATED HATED HATED to ride in the car. He meowed frantically the whole drive anywhere in the car, barely stopping to breathe in-between meows.

Clyde was very sweet. After David and I were married and moved in together, we noticed that if one of us left to go to work, run an errand, etc., Clyde would roam around the apartment looking for the missing person. Clyde YODELED the whole time, while carrying his favorite blue and pink furry ball in his mouth. Clyde would leave the ball at the spot where he last saw us, near one of the doors.

1993 Stretched Out

Clyde really enjoyed helping us make dinner, especially if tuna was involved. He loved tuna juice, tuna, salmon, chicken, and turkey. Clyde could also tell time. At precisely 11:00 am on the weekends, Clyde would sing and carry on for one of his favorite treats: chicken or turkey baby food.

Clyde also helped me when I baked. He loved to lick the lid from the sweetened condensed milk can. He liked to beg for people food. We used to call him “The Great Grey Shark” becuase Clyde used to do laps around the dining room table as a hint that he should be fed what we were eating.

To read Clyde’s obituary that we sent to family and friends, please see “the humans’ blog“.

There are also other stories about Clyde on the humans’ blog.

While we miss Clyde very much, we are grateful for the almost 15 wonderful years we spent with him. He lives on in our memories.

Clyde on Mail Table


one of our favorite cartoons is “get fuzzy”, which stars our hero “bucky katt”.  mommy has a cartoon hanging up in the kitchen that has bucky katt talking to his bean, rob. 

rob (to bucky katt):  “what are you doing?”

bucky katt:  “i’m on mouse patrol.”

rob:  “we don’t have mice.”

bucky katt:  “we don’t have mice … because I do mouse patrol.”

one of my favorite pasttimes is looking out the back windows for mousies.  padre and panda bear also like to join me when i am on mouse patrol.

when there is snow on the ground, it is very easy to spot the mousies.  the mousies are dark grey, and show up very clearly against the bright white snow.

Meerkat and Padre on Mouse Patrol!

sometimes panda bear and i like to sniff at the little opening on the landing of the basement steps.  we can smell mousies through this hole.  this hole leads to the room where the room that moves sleeps.

Meerkat at the Mousie Hole

mommy and daddy told us that clyde also used to sniff at this hole when he was on mouse patrol. now it’s my job. it is very important to let the mousies know that the furry bambinos are in charge here.  i want to protect mommy and daddy.  they call me “the huntress”!

Meerkat Sniffing the Mousie Hole

we were very lucky the other day!  panda bear found a mousie in the house in the fambly room!

he grabbed it but couldn’t hang on to it at first.  so i chased it around, pinned it down, and then grabbed it in my mouth!  mmmmmmm.  mousie tastes goooooood!

The Mouse Running Free!

then panda bear growled at me!  panda bear growled at me!  i was so surprised, i almost made my jaw drop open, but remembered i was holding the mousie.  i ran around with it in my mouth for a little while.  then, i decided to put it down and play soccer with the mousie. i batted it back and forth between my front paws, then picked it up again in my mouth. panda bear wanted a turn to play, so the next time i set it down, i let panda bear chase the mousie around the fambly room!

Panda Bear prepares to attack!

panda bear was quick!  he jumped on the mousie, snatched it up in his mouth, and ran off to the basement with it!  mommy went chasing after panda bear, and snapped this picture with the flashy box.

Panda Bear with the Mouse in his mouth!

but they didn’t stay in the basement for long.  soon panda bear was running back upstairs into the fambly room. he set the mousie down to play with it, but this time mommy captured it in a see-through container.  we were very upset with mommy for doing this.

the mousie taunted us from his protective shell, and we couldn’t attack it! harrumph!

The Mouse is safe from the Bambinos!

daddy slid a piece of cardboard under the see-through container to keep the mousie trapped inside.  then he flipped it upside down so the mousie would be in the bottom.  the mousie squeaked and squeaked at us.

then mommy opened the back door and daddy tossed the mousie outside into the cold winter air! to paraphrase daisy from her post yesterday, “no mouse soup for us”.

poor mousie … he would have been so much warmer if he had stayed inside with us!  😀


Today is our Daddy’s birthday!!

In honor of the occasion, he and Mommy took the day off from work. Daddy’s plans for his big day include sleeping in, hanging out with us Bambinos, and then going out to a bookstore “to get bleary-eyed”. Whatever that means.

We got Daddy some great presents and birthday cards for his birthday. We got him …

Psst … Panda Bear …

Yeah, Mom?

It’s supposed to be a surprise! You can’t say what you got Daddy for his birthday until after he opens his presents.

OK, then, we’ll just have to report back later! In the meantime, if you kitties would be so kind as to wish our Dad a Happy Birthday, I’m sure he would appreciate it! 🙂 Thanks!