Gramma LOVES her Quilt!

Mommy talked to Gramma and Grampa on the talkie thingy last night. Gramma and Grampa said that Gramma’s Quilt had arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon. If you read Darling Millie’s blog, then you would have seen the quilt in progress while Millie’s Mom Lynne made it.

“The quilt is GORGEOUS!” is how Gramma described it. Grampa also said that the quilt is really beautiful.

“EXQUISITE!” is the other big word that Gramma used to describe her quilt.

Mommy says that means that Gramma is very happy. “Exquisite” is Gramma’s highest complment. ūüôā We are glad that she is happy with her quilt.

Thanks, “Mom Lynne”!!!

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