Belated Happy Thanksgiving, efurryone!

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, the day when all good kitties get their fill of turkey, and not the kind that comes out of a can, either. Mom and Dad obliged and prepared a turkey dinner for us (and for themselves as well).

When the turkey was done cooking I stayed nearby to signal that I was ready. Dad carved the turkey, and then Mom sliced it into kitty-sized pieces for the hoodlums and me.

Thanksgiving Turkey Carving

Words cannot describe my surprise… the hoodlums did not want to eat their portions of real fresh honest to goodness turkey! Well, I never… I wonder if these two are really felines, or just imposters.

Padre eats all the turkey on Thanksgiving!

Either way, I ate the turkey that Mom put into their bowls, after finishing my portion off. More for me!

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