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Hi Efurryone! It’s me, Cookie! If you haven’t been following the story so far, here’s a quick recap. Mama Rose and her six bebbehs were spotted in our yard in late summer. Mommy and Daddy borrowed some humane traps, and saw to it that Mama and bebbehs were spayed or neutered. Mama Rose, a feral adult cat, was released back to the neighborhood. Mommy and Daddy have been working to “socialize” the bebbehs so that they would be adoptable into loving homes, rather than have to live their lives as feral outdoor kittehs.

After so many chatty posts about Mama Rose and her babies, I thought I would let the photos tell more of the story this time. The little brown tabby is Woody, and the orinch tabby in the litter box is Rusty. Sky (grey tabby) and Marigold (calico) are pictured later.

Sniff sniff …

“Hey, what are you doing back there?”

“I’m not quite done yet …”

“Do you mind?! I’d like some privacy!”

“Thank Bast, he left me alone!”

“He’s back …” Sigh … scratch scratch scratch …

Sniff sniff … scratch scratch scratch …

Sniff sniff …

Woody: “What would Rusty do without me?”

“Sky, cut it out!!!  Don’t you start in on me too!”

Yeah, brothers can be really annoying! Next time, Panda Bear is going to tell you about getting to meet the bebbehs in purrson!


Hello kittehs! In honor of Valentine’s Day, allow me to share some LOVE with all of you out there in bloggie land.

As regular readers know, all of us Furry Bambinos are former foster kittehs. Padre, my biological sister Meerkat, and I were adopted in October 2007.  Cookie and Caramel were Mom and Dad’s first attempt at fostering in 2009. They joined the fambly, but since then we have had lots of fosters come and go.

I, Panda Bear, am the President of the Furry Bambino Welcoming Committeh. I am the first Bambino to befriend the fosters. Caramel and Cookie are next to accept the newbies. Meerkat is always LAST to accept the fosters. Usually, she bops them on the head and gives them a hiss. Padre, big ManCat that he is, is usually AFRAID of these pipsqueak fosters, so he avoids them.

The fosters LOVE me. Srsly, they do. Why wouldn’t they? The second I walk into the foster room, I get swarmed by itteh bitteh kittehs. Here, I am teaching the tots how to get your nip on. That’s Sunny, Sky, and Hunter observing closely.

They watch my every move. That’s Silver, Sunny, Hunter, and Sky.

Here I am trying to enjoy a good look out the front window, while standing on the bar stool. That’s Hunter paying homage to me.

Dad even made a short film, depicting my groupies in action.

Honestly, ya’d think I was Justin Bieber or something.


Greetings, furriends. The Furry Bambinos decided that I, Padre, as Senior Furry Bambino would be best suited to present Mom’s PurrFurmance Review. However, we did hold a meeting of the minds, and her review is based on input from the five of us Furry Bambinos. We even took Sunny’s and Sky’s recommendations into consideration. They are our current foster kittehs. Without further ado, let’s begin, shall we? a big THANK YOU to Mom Ann of Zoolatry for the nifty graphics!!

This is a picture of what Mom looks like. Yeah, we know, it’s just her hands, but they are the most important part!Just look at those wonderful opposable thumbs! Useful for opening cans of stinky goodness, giving scritches, and helping us blog and visit our furriends.

However, those same hands have given us medications, trimmed our nails, and shoved us into PTU’s to go to the V-E-T.

Exhibit B: The Review Form

Our Review of Mom

Reviewed By: Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, Caramel, and fosters Sunny and Sky

Quantity of Output: 41 posts in 2010.  Hmmm.  Definitely nowhere near daily. Or even weekly, which would be 52 posts for the year. At least this is an improvement over 2009, in which there was a paltry 30 posts for the whole year. Some cats blog that much in a month! In Mom’s defense, the blog was incapacitated for awhile while Daddy’s computer went deaded due to a virus. During that time, both Mom and Dad had to share the laptop. Daddy had to get all his files off his hard drive, wipe the hard drive clean, and then reinstall everything. And THEN Daddy was able to upgrade the bloggie to the new version of WordPress.

Quality of Output: Only one movie produced last year. Pathetic! And it was depicting the reason Meerkat has been grounded for life. Lots of good photos, though.

Pawticipation (Part I): Mom does help us visit as much as she can. However, she does get distracted from helping us to blog and visit, by such lame excuses as “going to work”, “taking care of the fosters”, “sleeping”, “gardening”, “running non-cat related errands”, “bathing”, … You get the idea.

Pawticipation (Part II): Mom does not allow us to purrticipate in as many fun blog events as we would like. See above, under Pawticipation (Part I) for her litany of excuses.

Client Satisfaction: Our furriends are too polite to voice their disgust with the lack of regular blog posts.

Additional Criteria: Dad is Good Cop at Casa de Furry Bambinos, and Mom is Bad Cop. Case in point: Dad plays feather toy with us. Mom trims our toe nails. Dad opens cans of stinky goodness for us most mornings. Mom schedules V-E-T appointments for us. Dad sees to it that we have clean litter boxes daily. Mom shoves medications down our throats.

Mitigating Factors: We would like to add that Mom is liberal with sharing food from her meals. She is also much better at dispensing the treats than Dad is.

Overall Rating: In short, Mom is the “Sue Sylvester” of Casa de Furry Bambinos. Her first name is even Sue. We give Mom a “Low” rating, of two swats. Given that there are seven of us, that amounts to fourteen swats!

Comments and Suggestions for Improvement: Quit sleeping, eating, and gardening, and help us blog more!

We hope to catch up with reading and visiting this weekend. We are curious to hear how other purrsons PurrFurMance Reviews went!


hello kittehs! on tuesday morning mom and dad double teamed us – Padre, Panda Bear, and me. they stuffed Panda Bear into one PTU, and Padre and me into another. then they put us into the grey room that moves, and off we went. you know it, kittehs. we were headed to the v-e-t.

even though we had just had an ice storm. see our magnolia tree? it is completely encased in ice.

this is one of the entrances to where mommy works.

see all the ice on these trees? you can click on the photo to biggify.

nope, all that ice did not stop mom and dad from taking us to the v-e-t.  #$%^&*@! cleveland with all its snow and ice removal equipment. even though we live in the “snow belt”, our schools rarely cancel school due to weather. (however, yesterday our schools were closed because we had a blizzard.)

Panda Bear complained the whole way to the v-e-t.

when we got there, we all got weighed. they had to drag us out of our PTU’s.

Padre has lost some weight, and is down to 12.4 pounds (from 13.2 pounds last fall). Panda Bear weighs 13.0 pounds, same as last year. even though a lady is not supposed to reveal her age or her weight, well, i am almost 4 years old and i weigh 9.6 pounds, same as last year. (i guess i am more of a tomboy diva.)

mommy was actually worried that i am too skinny, but Dr. Amy reassured her that i am a healthy, normal sized cat. compared to all the other big kittehs at Casa de Furry Bambinos, i look tiny. when Cookie and Caramel were at the v-e-t a few weeks ago, their weights were 14.0 pounds for Cookie (you read that right) and 10.0 pounds for Caramel. Caramel looks bigger than that, but it’s all floof. Caramel gets so stressed by going to the v-e-t that she actually ::whispers:: pees herself in the PTU. at least none of us did that this time.

this is my boyfriendcat Padre hiding in the PTU. Padre is going to have to have dental surgery on march 31. if you could spare some purrs for Padre, we would appreciate it.

we were examined and got our shots. i yodeled a bit to make them aware of my displeasure. Panda Bear, the dork, was all calm and mellow. Dr. Amy said that when she listens to a cat’s heart rate, it is usually around 220 because we are so anxious. Panda Bear was a mellow 150. he even posed for his picture with Dr. Amy. (i think he has a crush on her.)

to add insult to injury, when we got home, mom left us to go to work, rather than stay at home and hover over us to make sure we did not have reactions to our shots. yeah, dad stayed with us, but there were three of us to observe! Cookie staged a sit-in to protest this injustice.

and then when mommy got home from work, she and daddy dragged two different rug sucking monsters around, moved furniture, and removed all our furs from our cat trees! that stoopid foster kitten Sunny is trying to be all macho and face off against the spot bot monster. doesn’t he realize it could eat him alive?

hello, ASPCA? we want to file a complaint …

and i’m supposed to say that Cookie and Caramel are having a birthday party next week to celebrate their second birthday. which is good, so that all of you can help us replace fur everywhere.