The Cross-Country M Word: Part 3

This is the third post in a series about what we did while Mom and Dad abandoned us to help Aunt Patty and Uncle Chris with the M word.  Our poor cousins Rainbow, Muse, Cinnamon, Toast, and Bruiser (the woofie) had to endure being cooped up in rooms that moved for days and days.  If you want to know what Mom and Dad were doing, go read their stupid blog.

On Wednesday, July 30th, Aunt Deb arrived at 7:45 am — can you believe it?  I did not know that Aunt Deb is a Night Owl and a late sleeper, and I cussed her out a little for being late for breakfast.  Aunt Deb hastened to get that stinky goodness in the bowls.  I chowed down, but Panda Bear and Meerkat wanted to play first.

Panda Bear Playing with Aunt Deb

Usually Panda Bear observes for awhile before playing, but this morning both he and Meerkat competed for the feather toy.

Meerkat Playing with Aunt Deb

They waited to eat for awhile, but they did get to the stinky goodness before Aunt Deb left.

We all watched a squirrel climb up the bird feeder and raid the goodies.  Aunt Deb said that it was amazing how agile that squirrel was!  BTW, Aunt Deb thinks it was the same squirrel that was waiting on the outdoor back porch railing when she first came in today.  She felt bad that she did not have any peanuts to give him or her.  She asked us, where are the peanuts?  We told her that the squirrel food is in the blue plastic tub in the kitty feeding room, but she didn’t understand what we said.

Also, Aunt Deb was wondering if there was a litter box somewhere where she could get to it and clean it out.  She said that she didn’t want us Bambinos to get disgusted and leave any poopies for Mom and Dad.  We didn’t care, though.  Would serve them right for abandoning us!  Heh.

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