mommy is taking an html class

greetings efurryone!  first of all, belated birthday wishes to our good friend Tammy Faye!!! please leave birthday wishes in our comments. we think Tammy Faye needs her own blog! if you think so too, say so!

in other news, mommy is taking a class where she is learning html.  she’s not smart like us furry bambinos, who already know all about html. mommy says that she likes her class a lot!  it is through the community college in our area. and daddy is very happy that mommy is taking the class, so she can stop bugging him with lotsa stoopid questions.

tonight, mom learned about a href tags.  like, duh!

since so many of you said that you liked the last cartoon i put on the blog, here is another cartoon that you might like. remember to hover your mouse over the cartoon for additional commentary by the author.


Book Burning xkcd cartoon

did you read the hover-text? seriously, go back and read it.

now, you will be able to appreciate this:

How Will The End Of Print Journalism Affect Old Loons Who Hoard Newspapers?

ha ha ha ha ha! wasn’t that funny? aunt patty sent this to mom. aunt patty majored in print journalism when she was in college. both mom and aunt patty have a tendency to have lotsa newspapers around. do your parents have lotsa newspapers lying around?

8 thoughts on “mommy is taking an html class”

  1. First, happy birthday to Tammy Faye! Of course she should have her own blog; everyone should. 🙂

    Second, good for your mom, for taking an HTML class! We’re glad she’s enjoying it!

    Third, nope, our human doesn’t have a lot of newspapers around. Books, yes, newspapers, no. She gets most of her news on-line now, simply because it’s more timely!

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