Happy Daddy’s Day 2010

Greetings furriends!  Happy Daddy’s Day to all of the Daddies out there!

As you know, we love our Daddy very much.  He feeds us, he scoops our poops, and he cleans up our horks.  Dad puts up with all of the fosters that Mom insists we take in.

Recently, Daddy has been very busy working for the U.S. Census.  He has been a crew leader and it was his job to sit in McDonald’s several hours a day.  We have no idea why the Census is so interested in McDonald’s.  Maybe it had something to do with revising their “billions and billions served” sign.  Sometimes he sat in two different McDonald’s in the same day.

So you know that us Furry Bambinos want to show Dad our appreciation for all he does.  I have been helping Dad with his paperwork as Crew Leader.

Caramel and I assist Dad with organizing his Census binders.

I have inspected the binders.

Padre did his part by horking up a hairball on the dining room carpet.  This morning.

Meerkat did some serious shedding in the fambly room.

And Cookie taught the fosters how to claw the furniture!

Speaking of fosters, we told you that Daisy, Bo, and Luke are now in their furrever homes.  Well, now we have Boo …

and Shadow …

AKA The Itteh Bittehs …

as well as Antoinette …

Notice how much Antoinette looks like Meerkat?  Antoinette showed up last Sunday, the day of the Tony Awards.  She knocked at our back door.  Seriously, she did.  She had to jump a 6 foot tall fence to do it, too!

So it has been busy here at Casa Furry Bambino!

Happy Daddy’s Day!

9 thoughts on “Happy Daddy’s Day 2010”

  1. Itteh Bittehs so cute! Antoinette– wow! I thought that was Meerkat. Antoinette must have herd the buzz in the ‘hood about your safe house.
    Guess what my furry feline friends and ‘rents? I was a sick puppy er, cat for about 36 hours this weeekend. My mom is such a worrier. She was afraid I was dying. What a drama queen! I am feeling much better now, but Mom is going to take me to the vet anyway this week. sheesh!
    Is your daddy sad because he won’t get to sit in Mac’s anymore?

  2. You guys are such great help to your dad. I try helping SS with her work but am not always appreciated. Her reviewers don’t understand catspeak such as JKKKKKKLLLLM”’OOOO, HERRESSRRRRRRRESACX etc

    The fosters are such cuties!!!!! Good that you all get on well together.

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