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Kitty Fight Club: Thank You for Voting for Me

The past few weeks have been busy and stressful here at Casa Furry Bambino, but that’s another blog post.

Today, I want to purrsonally thank all of you who voted for me in the rounds of Kitty Fight Club.  I appreciate your votes and kind words of support.  There were some very tough competitors that I faced, including Scylla, Asia, Snafu, and Sweet Pea.  Congratulations to Sweet Pea!  Like all of the kittehs in the competition, she is really adorable, and I am glad that she won.   All of the kittehs who competed are cute and adorable and sweet in their own way.

I want to thank Mommy and Daddy who emailed lots of family members and friends to ask for their votes.  Daddy even posted about me on his facebook thingy!  Mommy and Daddy love me, and they love all the Furry Bambinos.

A big Thank You to all of Mommy and Daddy’s relatives and friends who took the time to vote!  Thanks to those of you who didn’t think it was too dorky to vote for a kitteh in a photo contest.

As readers of our blog know, my sister Caramel and I are what is known as “Failed Fosters”.  That means that we started out as foster kittehs, with the original intent of being adopted to a loving family through the Public Animal Welfare Society, or PAWS, here in Northeast O-Hi-O.  After hanging out here for several months, getting schlepped to several adoption events, having an adoption application put in for me, and then retracted (thank goodness!), Mommy and Daddy decided to adopt Caramel and me themselves.  This is probably the single best thing in the world at which to be a failure.

Because of our family’s continued involvement with PAWS, foster kittehs come and go here at Casa Furry Bambino.  Daisy, Bo, and Luke are now in their furrever homes!  The director of PAWS emailed all the PAWS volunteers to ask for their support for me in Kitty Fight Club!  A big thank you to Amy and to all of the PAWS volunteers for the work they do, and for voting for me!

Last, but not least, thank you to all my blogging friends!  At times like this, when I’m feeling a little down and sorry for myself, I remember all the good in the world, and all the good in the Cat Blogosphere.

10 thoughts on “Kitty Fight Club: Thank You for Voting for Me”

  1. Meowza, Cookie! You are so purrty and nice! So are your fellow Furry Bambinos! My human mommy loves to come to your house to play with youz guyz and sing you silly songs. She also likes to see the birdies and other critters in your yard. Last but not least, Mommy sez ur mommy and daddy are salt of the earth people and real menshes. (Isn’t it funny that Mommy can quote the Christian Bible and speak Yiddish, too?) I know you really appreciate the wonderful human ‘rents you have.
    Hugs & Licks,
    xxxx & oooo,
    Tammy Faye

  2. Hey, thanks for coming around. I missed you! We haven’t followed the fight club, but it appears that you went quite far into the rounds. To us, you are always a winner!

    I think my SS would be a failure at fostering, like your parents, as she wouldn’t be able to let go of any furries that come into the house. We are so glad you are failures, though.

    Happy to see that the three cuties are placed in furrever homes.

  3. We are so sorry it took us so long to drop by for a visit. Mommy hasn’t been helping us blog much, and we don’t get to visit often either. You and Scylla have something else in common besides being really cute. You are both failed fosters. Mommy was just suppose to foster Scylla & Charybdis but Daddy said she could keep them IF he could name them. Hence the names Scylla & Charybdis.

    We thinks you did really well in Kitty Fight Club. And Scylla says she had a lot of fun getting to know you.

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