I Don’t Like To Dance, Mommy

Today we were listening to Daddy’s radio show, and he played some song called “Moon River” from some movie called “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”.  Mommy says it’s a movie that stars a cat named Cat, which makes it sound like a good movie in my book.  Daddy was playing songs that some guy named Oscar gave awards to for “best song from a movie”, because Oscar has another show on teevee tonight. On Daddy’s radio show, Daddy normally plays songs from musicals from Broadway and London. Occasionally he plays songs from movies.

I guess Mommy knew to expect the “Moon River” song, so when it came on, she grabbed me, picked me up, and started to slow dance with me. Grrrrrrr. While I like Mommy very much, and I might go so far as to say that I love Mommy, I do NOT like to dance with Mommy. I wriggled free and jumped to the top of the cat perch. I stretched out in the sunbeam. Sigh.

Later Daddy told me that Mommy used to waltz with Mohawk to “Moon River”. Poor Mohawk. Luckily I made my escape before she started waltzing!

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  1. Me and my ‘rents heard part of your daddy’s show on March 2. Mom said the song from Wicked reminded her of a song from Once Upon a Mattress which is one of her favorite musicals. She wondered if there was some link. Anyways, we also wondered why your daddy’s show was shortened and then we heard your dad say something about going off the air for teknikal thingys. Mom said, “Oh I guess Dave has to go up to the shower” so I ran upstairs to the bathroom and waited for mom to turn on the water. Then my mom said, no, Tammy Faye, not shower–tower. Whatever that is.
    Hang in there, Furry Feline Friends

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