Day Three

Well, the servants man and lady left us all alone again yesterday. I have no idea where they went, but they this did this on Tuesday, too. After a long time they showed back up, so I wasn’t too worried.

I hung out upstairs and looked out the window in the room where they sleep. After awhile, that got dull, so I jumped down and looked around for something to do.

I wandered into the room that they call “The Mohawk Shrine”. Apparently “Mohawk” is another former resident who has also gone to The Rainbow Bridge.

Cool! The computer was still on, in sleep mode. So I jumped on the desk and attacked the mouse to wake up the computer. I surfed the web for awhile, and discovered that there are lots of other kitties who like to blog, too. I bookmarked a bunch of cool blogs to read regularly. I am so glad I took that blogging class while I was at the college for cats.

Then I got sleepy, so I went to take a nap downstairs.

As usual, I did my best “happy to see you again” song and dance when the man and lady got back from wherever they went all day. When the lady went upstairs, she noticed that the computer was awake. She mentioned something to the man about not understanding why the computer was awake because she did not use it that morning.

D’oh! Forgot to set the computer back into sleep mode… Gotta be more careful next time…

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