I Do Not Want a Hug

Mom has this really annoying thing that she does.  She walks around the house looking for one of us Furry Bambinos, while calling out “Who wants a hug?”

That’s our cue to vamos, hide, and make ourselves scarce.

If she finds one of us, she grabs us, picks us up, and given a human style hug.  Blech!

Mom, we are cats.  We do not want to be hugged.  Petted, scritched, told how beyootifull we are, YES. Hugged, NO!  You are destroying my image as a Big Man Cat!

Padre Man Cat

If you do it again, I am calling the ASPCA.

17 thoughts on “I Do <em>Not</em> Want a Hug”

  1. Yer mommy is jest trying to show how much she luvs youse guys!
    Sometimes I don’t like hugs, either, but I like when my mommie cradles me like a human baby and gently rocks me and sings silly songs. Dad and my hmna b oy Tim and my human gramma always look embareassed!

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