Hello New Home!

hurrumph.  my brother wrote our entire life story already!  what a meanie!  i think i’ll go attack him.  i like to sneak attack him and roll around and nip him. 

the humans in our new living place are nice.  i don’t want them to touch me unless i say it’s okay, so i run from them whenever they come near.  when mister human gets drowsy, i like to climb up with him and sleep next to him.  he treats me real nice and i let him rub my belly. 

the big grey cat and i have an understanding.  you don’t come near me, and i won’t come near you.  he’s nice enough really, but we’re just staying out of each other’s way right now.  i found he doesn’t like sneak attacks like my brother does.

 Brother and Sister

i have explored this big playpen and found lots of places to sneak attack from.  the funnest places are under the big chairs and the footstool that has wheels.  i wait for my brother to walk by and then i ambush him!  the big grey cat doesn’t like my ambushes. 

my brother and i like to play thundering herd of elephants up and down the stairs and around all the rooms of this living place.  there’s lots of room and i like it better than our little dorm rooms at the boarding school.

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