a lot has been going on here lately!

for starters, we were abandoned on saturday night! mommy and daddy packed up some bags and wrapped some objects in shiny pretty bags and then they left and didn’t come home! for a whole day!!

apparently they went to visit mommy’s family far far away. mommy’s family lives in pittsburgh, pennsylvanicat, which is where mommy grew up. they saw gramma, grampa, uncle jim, aunt patty, and aunt patty’s boyfriend, chris.

mommy gave aunt patty the gizzy quilts for aunt patty’s kitties, rainbow and muse.  this was the first one:

Gizzy Quilt #7 

and this was the second one:

Gizzy Quilt #14

aren’t they beeuutiful?

gramma studied the quilts and said “who are these for? for the cats? they are too pretty to give to a cat!!” (harrumph.) so mommy told gramma that padre, panda bear, and i each have our own gizzy quilts, and gramma just shook her head.  here’s gramma with one of the quilts:

Grandma and Gizzy

while mommy and daddy were gone, miss deb came over to visit us and feed us and play with us!! hooray!! miss deb is very very nice. she let us get comfortable with her and let us sniff her. miss deb is the human mommy for miss tammy faye. we haven’t met tammy faye yet, but she must be nice since miss deb is so nice! tammy faye is a devon rex kitty with black and orange and white furs.

mommy and daddy have visited tammy faye and told us how nice she is. this is a picture of tammy faye:

Tammy Faye front

here’s my daddy sitting with miss tammy faye

Tammy Faye Back

isn’t she pretty? mommy said that her furs are very very soft.

miss deb saw to it that we had fresh food and water and she visited with us while mommy and daddy were away. thank you very much miss deb!!! we love you!!

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