cuddle time

i have a confession to make.  i have discovered that i like to cuddle …  with Padre!

you see, here in northeast O-Hi-o, it gets very cold and snowy in the winter.  it’s the kind of weather that makes me grateful to be formerly feral.  i like being an indoor kitty.

but still, i enjoy a nice warm spot, and so does Padre.  we like to cuddle together near the heat vent in the Mohawk and Clyde Shrine (AKA bedroom / mommy’s office).  see this picture that daddy took of us while we were sleeping:

is it bad to like to cuddle with your “brother”?  Padre isn’t really my brother.  i mean, he’s not my biological brother.  he’s my adopted brother.

on the other hand, Panda Bear is my real brother, my biological brother.  i think it’s gross to get cuddly with him, on account of he has cooties.  some of you may like to cuddle with your biological siblings, and that’s ok as long as they don’t have cooties.

6 thoughts on “cuddle time”

  1. I’m so glad my human mom does not have cooties–or at least none that I know of. We cuddle all the time,esp on snow days like today.I don’t have any kittehs to cuddle and my adopted human brother is at college most of the time. He was home for a while last weekend and i cuddled him a lot. He sneezed a few times, so I knew he liked the cuddling!
    Keep on Cuddlen up, Furry Bambinos!

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