Apparently the lady human likes to give peace offerings to the outdoor animals. This morning, she set out peanuts, walnuts, and sunflower seeds. I was a bit puzzled when she started doing this, because I was hoping that she didn’t want me to eat that stuff. Luckily, she opened a can of stinky goodness for me.

When I got done eating, she let the hoodlums kittens out of the basement where they spent the night. The kittens and I are beginning to come to an understanding. I don’t like being ambushed, and I have been hinting that there WILL BE CONSEQUENCES if they don’t knock it off.

While the hoodlums kittens were eating, I ambled over to the big tall window and noticed that a squirrel had just showed up. I studied the squirrel intently, and then two more squirrels and a bunch of tasty looking tiny birds arrived as well. Mmm… birds…

Furry Bambinos on a squirrel hunt

Technically, according to my adoption papers, I am supposed to be an indoor only cat. I wonder if there would be any way to get the lady to start feeding the squirrels indoors…

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