The Crunchie Report

Mom and Dad seem to be trying hard to please us. That, in and of itself, pleases me.

Take for instance, all the different varieties of stinky goodness that they brought home to see what we prefer.

Stinky Goodness Storehouse!Mostly, I just like to lick the juice off the top and then push the remaining dried up pieces to the sides of the dish, in order to make it look like I ate a lot. I don’t want them to stop buying the stuff, after all, because I really like the juice on top. I’ve got Dad fooled most of the time, but I think that Mom is catching on. She has been hovering over me while I eat, like the (half-) Italian mother that she is.

And then there’s the crunchies. Mom and Dad originally tried to give the hoodlums kittens Iams Kitten Crunchies, and Iams Adult Crunchies to me. However, the hoodlums kittens preferred to eat my crunchies over theirs. So Mom has stopped bothering to even put out the kitten crunchies lately.

Last weekend, Mom and Dad brought home some really tremendous crunchies: Fancy Feast Gourmet GoldTM With Savory Chicken and Turkey. These are my preference by far.

Observe the delicate shapes: moons, hearts, diamonds, and clovers. Mom says that they are like Lucky Charms for cats.

 Lucky Charms for Cats

Dad said “of course, they’re the most expensive, right?”

Duh! Of course!

The Iams Adult Original with Ocean Fish and Rice Crunchies are pretty good, too, so I eat them just for some variety. They aren’t as pretty as Fancy Feast, however, and only come in one shape, triangles, (unless they break).

Meerkat also seems to share my preferences for crunchies. Neither she nor I will touch the Dad’s Original Tasty Chicken Flavor crunchies. Must be a tabby thing. The Dad’s crunchies are this weird reddish color, and also come in only one shape, clovers.

Naturally, Panda Bear does not seem to show a preference for the type of crunchies he eats. He just wants food, and lots of it.

I grabbed the flashy box to capture our eating experiences.  Here are our bowls at the start of the day, just after Mom and Dad left. 

Crunchie Dishes Before
L-R: Dad’s, Iams, Fancy Feast

Here’s what they looked like just before they got back home!

Crunchies Dish Study
L-R: Dad’s, Iams, Fancy Feast

For the Furry Bambinos, we prefer the Fancy Feast Gourmet Gold! 

What’s your preference when it comes to crunchies?  Take our poll at the right side of the screen!

10 thoughts on “The Crunchie Report”

  1. does you like tem-tay-shuns treat? ’cause if you do, Whiskas makes a dry food that’s like tem-tay-shuns – cruncy outside and soft inside. we LOVE LOVE LOVE it – we can eat an entire bag in almost a day if we was allowed to! we also like the Fancy Feast Gold too. We does not like Dads at all. But we haf to say that our favorite is Royal Canin Siamese formula dry food that mommy sometimes gets at the pet store. it’s like little donuts that we can stab wif our fangs – it’s yummy AND fun to eat!

  2. WOWIE! You have a well-stocked pantry there. We got a sample of that Fancy Feast Gourmet Gold in the mail this week. But I have to eat prescription foods on account of my bladder stones, so I did not even get to sample it. My Mommie brought it to the shelter. I eat Hills X/D Stinky Goodness and crunchies. It is pretty good, but I do not think it is delicious. I still get to eat Temptations treats though. I LOVE them!!!!

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