thanks for the warm welcome!

hi everybody!

wow, we are truly amazed at the power of kitty blogging. imagine our great surprise to receive so many furrriendly hellos from all over the world!

many thanks to miss daisy for repurrting about our blog on the cat blogosphere site! that was furry kind of her to let all of you know about us and our blog.

we are delighted that we have met so many nice kitties who have commented on our blog. over the next few days we will be visiting your blogs and returning the favor!

Meerkat typing her entry

we are so excited to be blogging kitties. we are new to this, so we are learning all the time. we were unsure about the etiquette for adding blogs to one’s blogroll. actually, we have a difference of opinion among the furry bambinos. i think that you should be courteous, and ask a kitty first before adding them to your blogroll.

my wild and crazy brother, panda bear, thinks it’s ok to just go ahead and add cool kitty’s blogs to your blogroll. padre sort of sides with me, but thinks it’s ok to add a blog as long as you let them know.

anyway, what do you all think?

thanks again to efurryone for all the lovely welcomes!

16 thoughts on “thanks for the warm welcome!”

  1. Welcome Meerkat,Panda and Padre!! Daisy introduced you on the Cat Blogosphere so I came over to say Hi!
    I like to meet new blog cats and already you guys are pretty cool.
    I am Mickey,a black cat, and I am 14 years old. I have two sisfurs,Georgia(polydactyl tortie) and Tillie(black) that are 4 years old.
    We look forward to hearing your adventures Come by sometime and visit.
    All the cats in the blogosphere are very friendly. You’ll have fun here.

  2. well speaking for us, we add all new kitties to our blogroll after we comment the first time on their blog. I don’t think any kitty will get offended either way. Maybe just a note the first time you comment like “we will add you to our blogroll”. so, really, we can see that we have been absolutely no help to you at all!!


  3. Welcome, you furry bambini! Just saw Daisy’s note at the blogosphere, and yes, I blogrolled you as I do with every cool kitty blog I encounter! The more, the merrier.
    And when I have a Dare I go and Dare ALL of you personally!
    And it might be too late for you to be included in the voting for our latest Dare but you sure can add your picture and link if you accept our current Dare – the details are at my blog!
    So: I Dare you!

  4. Hiya Kitty Cats! Purrs and Scritches from us – Zed Monster, Merlin, Rimbaud, Braum, Nico, Maggie, Riot, Jezebel and Bukowski! We may be bad but we love new kitty friends. And really it’s all in your definition of bad isn’t it? Humans are so weird.

    We never thought about some kitty getting upset if you added them to your blog roll. It’s like an honor for us, but we don’t mind either way. We like to blog roll all our kitty friends so we can come back and visit. It’s easier for us to remember.

    Either way, we are just happy to meet you all!

    Purrs and Squishy Loves and Scritches

    Megan too, the slave human

  5. Hey now, you three! I just found out about you at the Cat Blogosphere, and, on behalf of the Good Cats, I wanted to welcome you to this great big informal society of blogging cats (and their staff).

    I read all your posts, and it sounds as though each of you went through some tough times in the past, but I bet that your humans will now more than make up for it.

    And thanks for linking to us — I’ll have my human add you to our blogroll ASAP.

    Kelly Cat

  6. I do not think anycat would be upset if you added them to your blogroll. I like it! Sometimes when I visit a site that I like I might tell them in my comment that I am going to add them to my links so I can visit with them again. I thought it was very polite of you to send me your e-mail request.

    I am very happy that you are making lots of new friends!

  7. I think it is ok to add anyone that interests you to your blogroll, but it is also nice to let them know. I know it made me feel extra special when someone let me know they enjoyed my blog enough to add me to theirs! So I think all of you kitties are right. You are definitely added to mine!

  8. My take on it…I blogroll without asking, because if kitties don’t want other kitties to visit, then they would have private blogs that need passwords. The whole point of blogging is to communicate…blogrolls just make that easier. I’ve never had anyone complain. But maybe that’s because I’m so awesome ๐Ÿ˜‰

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