meerkat’s translation for the humans

it was refreshing to see that all the kitties understood what i was saying in my post on monday. for the humans who just didn’t get it, i will be kind enough to translate for you:

rooty, binky, and betty, you all were correct. i wanted advice on ways to keep my pesky brother panda bear away from me when i want to enjoy a good catnip bananer, or play with a mousie that i caught, without him butting in.  my girlfriend tammy faye recommended swinging a dead chicken over my head three times.  quasi said that he would help by bringing the dead chicken, but that i would need to bring the rope to swing it with.  victor tabbycat, max, and tybalt agreed that this plan should work. kilroy the love beastie added that putting the bitey on panda bear might help, in case panda bear decides to eat the chicken.

queen snickers expressed an interest in doing her own typing as well. she posed an important question about ways to keep the keyboard keys from sticking:

Very interesting! I trying my own too, but the keys seem to lock up on me. How do you prevent this??

i recommend checking to see if your mommy has installed the evil software “pawsense”.  basically, when installed on a computer, it will sense the different style of typing distinctive to us kitties, and then freeze up. according to the pawsense web site:

PawSense is a software utility that helps protect your computer from cats. It quickly detects and blocks cat typing, and also helps train your cat to stay off the computer keyboard.

if you are using a pc, i recommend that you uninstall the pawsense software. go to the start menu, select “settings”, then “control panel”, then “add or remove programs”. a dialog box will appear. scroll through the list to select pawsense, and then click on the “change/remove” button. all gone!

pawsense is not available for macintosh computers, so if you are using a mac, like i do for most of my blogging, then something else must be the problem.

if pawsense is not the problem, then try shifting your weight from one paw to another more frequently. try holding keys down for not quite as long. let me know how it works for you!

purrrrrrrrss and happy typing! 🙂

3 thoughts on “meerkat’s translation for the humans”

  1. I had read about this fortunately I don’t need it, my cats don’t use my keyboard as a side walk and then they all refused to write, and choose me to write about them, lol !

    We celebrate Rosie’s “Gotcha day” today. It’s already one year I picked her up from the kind people where she was born and brought her home !

  2. Hey Meerkat,
    Betty thinks that biting is mean, she thinks a good ole whap on Panda Bear’s head with your right paw will do the trick…and Rooti thinks that you should hide the bananer, he hides all his favorite toys under the couch…haha. Binky thinks you should take the bananer and dip it in water and throw it at Panda Bear…cats don’t like water, so maybe it will scare him and he’ll leave your bananer alone!! Let us know if you try any of these methods, okay…Good Luck!!
    Peace Love & Meerkats
    Christine aka Kalahari Angel and her zoo crew, Binky, Rooti, Betty & Mandy the meermutt!!

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