fashion friday

today i will be writing about my fashion modeling debut!

normally, i do not like to wear clothes. since i already have a fur coat of many colors, i need to be careful that the clothes do not clash with my furs. today, i am wearing a cute orange tee shirt that complements my brown and gold furs nicely.

Modeling my new outfit

since i consider myself to be the main mouser here at casa cabán, the message on the back is purrfect!

The message says it all …

this shirt is difficult to walk in because it is a little bit too big. i am still a growing kitten, so mommy hopes that it will fit me better one day.

Okay, it is a little big.

panda bear decided to horn in on my modeling shoot. as you can clearly see, he is a mere amateur at modeling.

Panda Bear tries it on for size!

this shirt clearly looks much better on me! and i got several temptayshuns for my work!

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