mouse patrol

one of our favorite cartoons is “get fuzzy”, which stars our hero “bucky katt”.  mommy has a cartoon hanging up in the kitchen that has bucky katt talking to his bean, rob. 

rob (to bucky katt):  “what are you doing?”

bucky katt:  “i’m on mouse patrol.”

rob:  “we don’t have mice.”

bucky katt:  “we don’t have mice … because I do mouse patrol.”

one of my favorite pasttimes is looking out the back windows for mousies.  padre and panda bear also like to join me when i am on mouse patrol.

when there is snow on the ground, it is very easy to spot the mousies.  the mousies are dark grey, and show up very clearly against the bright white snow.

Meerkat and Padre on Mouse Patrol!

sometimes panda bear and i like to sniff at the little opening on the landing of the basement steps.  we can smell mousies through this hole.  this hole leads to the room where the room that moves sleeps.

Meerkat at the Mousie Hole

mommy and daddy told us that clyde also used to sniff at this hole when he was on mouse patrol. now it’s my job. it is very important to let the mousies know that the furry bambinos are in charge here.  i want to protect mommy and daddy.  they call me “the huntress”!

Meerkat Sniffing the Mousie Hole

we were very lucky the other day!  panda bear found a mousie in the house in the fambly room!

he grabbed it but couldn’t hang on to it at first.  so i chased it around, pinned it down, and then grabbed it in my mouth!  mmmmmmm.  mousie tastes goooooood!

The Mouse Running Free!

then panda bear growled at me!  panda bear growled at me!  i was so surprised, i almost made my jaw drop open, but remembered i was holding the mousie.  i ran around with it in my mouth for a little while.  then, i decided to put it down and play soccer with the mousie. i batted it back and forth between my front paws, then picked it up again in my mouth. panda bear wanted a turn to play, so the next time i set it down, i let panda bear chase the mousie around the fambly room!

Panda Bear prepares to attack!

panda bear was quick!  he jumped on the mousie, snatched it up in his mouth, and ran off to the basement with it!  mommy went chasing after panda bear, and snapped this picture with the flashy box.

Panda Bear with the Mouse in his mouth!

but they didn’t stay in the basement for long.  soon panda bear was running back upstairs into the fambly room. he set the mousie down to play with it, but this time mommy captured it in a see-through container.  we were very upset with mommy for doing this.

the mousie taunted us from his protective shell, and we couldn’t attack it! harrumph!

The Mouse is safe from the Bambinos!

daddy slid a piece of cardboard under the see-through container to keep the mousie trapped inside.  then he flipped it upside down so the mousie would be in the bottom.  the mousie squeaked and squeaked at us.

then mommy opened the back door and daddy tossed the mousie outside into the cold winter air! to paraphrase daisy from her post yesterday, “no mouse soup for us”.

poor mousie … he would have been so much warmer if he had stayed inside with us!  😀

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