Meet our Cousins

We thought that you might like to meet our cousins.

When Aunt Patty and Uncle Chris got married this summer, they became a blended family.  Sort of like the Brady Bunch.  They all live in Meowssouri now.

Rainbow and Muse are girl kitties who have lived with Aunt Patty for several years, adopted from a shelter.  Rainbow is a calico kitty, and Muse is a tuxedo kitty.  They are very shy, and hide whenever Other People come to visit.

Rainbow and Muse

Toast is a kitty that Uncle Chris was fostering, and just couldn’t part with.  She is a calico kitty who has extra toesies.  Here is Toast checking out Rainbow’s Gizzy Quilt.


Several months after adopting Toast, an urgent request for a foster home went out to the rescue group that Uncle Chris was part of.  That’s how Cinnamon joined the fambly.  Cinnamon is a gorgeous ginger Big Man Cat.  Uncle Chris calls Cinnamon “The Cat Ambassador” because he is so friendly.

Cinnamon Big Man Cat

And Bruiser is a woofie that Uncle Chris and Aunt Patty used to visit at the shelter.  Aunt Patty and Uncle Chris were both happy and sad when Bruiser got adopted.  But the lady who adopted him became sick, and wanted someone to take care of him.  So that’s how Bruiser joined the fambly.


Bruiser is a beagle – basset hound mix.  He is very gentle, and (ahem) a bit overweight.  Aunt Patty and Uncle Chris take him for walks to help him lose weight.  Bruiser has lost almost 5 pounds since joining their fambly.

When Aunt Patty and Uncle Chris moved to Meowssouri this summer, Rainbow, Muse, and Bruiser met Cinnamon and Toast for the first time.  There was some hissing and fur flying amongst the kitties.  According to Aunt Patty, the kitties are still working things out amongst themselves.

So those are our cousins!  We hope you enjoyed meeting them!

7 thoughts on “Meet our Cousins”

  1. Rainbow and Toast look like we could all be related! That’s very cool that Toast has extra toesies–she is very special! Muse looks a little like Panda Bear. Mom says Cinnamon is a ded ringer for a cat she had when she was a child. His name was Bubalah, which means something like Sweetie in Yiddish. Bruiser looks very cuddly for a woofie! We hope that they all like their new home in Meowssouri.
    I’s been very confusing at my house lately because my Beans have been moving furniture around and getting rid of my toy dust bunnies.Some nice strangers came to fix the kitchen ceiling and put smelly stuff on the walls. Mom sez it is to prepare for a Jewish Holiday called Rush Hah! Shanuh. My boy, Tim is bringing his fraternity brothers home Tuesday night for a big dinner. I hope mom lets me lick the plates. She never does, but mebbe this time…

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