The Furry Bambinos graciously let me post today in honor of Clyde, one of the kitties who came before Padre, Panda Bear, and Meerkat.

One year ago today, Clyde went to the Rainbow Bridge. He was struggling with lung cancer, and he decided that it was his time to go.

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Mom here. Today, The Furry Bambinos said I could post about Mohawk, one of the kitties who came before them. 

Mohawk’s Gotcha Day was Friday, January 11, 1991, exactly 17 years ago today.  This is the story of how Mohawk came into our lives … 

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The Furry Bambinos are currently storing up lots of sleep so they can stay up past midnight to ring in the new year!

The furry bambinos at rest

On behalf of The Furry Bambinos, we want to wish Efurryone a Happy New Year!

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