daddy added a new feature to our blog which sounds fun. 

sometimes you might forget to come read what we have been up to.  so, daddy made it so that you can now get an email update every time we post a new entry here. 

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the furry bambinos want to know … did you get to eat turkey on “turkey day”?  take our new bambino poll over on the right side of the screen and answer! 

we got turkey.  padre was a food bully about it.  he ate his, then he ate mine, and then he ate panda bear’s. 

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for all the mudslinging that padre and panda bear have done over the past few weeks, i am beginning to suspect that it is all for show.

just take a look at this photographic evidence i snapped when they were too sleepy to notice:

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hi everybody!

wow, we are truly amazed at the power of kitty blogging. imagine our great surprise to receive so many furrriendly hellos from all over the world!

many thanks to miss daisy for repurrting about our blog on the cat blogosphere site! that was furry kind of her to let all of you know about us and our blog.

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sycophant:  n. a servile self-seeker who attempts to win favor by flattering influential people.
(dictionary.com, american heritage dictionary)

there he is just sitting on missus human’s lap and purring like his life depended on it.  and the way he took to the presents she brought!  i for one am not as easily bought.  here’s my idea of a cool cat toy:

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