I’ve been walking around with the sneezies.  Mommy and Daddy were worried that I had caught a sneezy from somewhere.  They said it might be left over from our days at the boarding school.  So, Mommy got all hyper and picked up part of the box that rings, pushed some buttons and made “an appointment”.  I’m not sure how you make such a thing because I didn’t see anything in her hands after.  I was suspicious because she did the same thing when Padre was hopping around on three legs.

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That big grey cat just doesn’t know how to have fun, man.  All he wants to do is sit around, take naps, and look out the big tall windows at the squirrels and birds.  He needs to get a life.

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Sister, Big Grey Kitty, and I were having a contest to see who had the hardest name to guess.

Woo-hoo!!! I won!!!  The humans took FOREVER to guess my real name.  Heh Heh.

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