Yesterday morning, the lady left but the man stayed home with us. We had a great time hanging out with him. For a human, he is particularly well-schooled in playing kitten games. He is much better at games than the lady.

First we played “Chase the Indoor Bird on a String”.

Then, the man turned on the television and let us watch Animal Planet, so we caught a rerun of Meerkat Manor.

Then the man let my sister and I play “Bite Each Other Until You Squeak”, and he did not try to break up our fun like the lady does!

Speaking of the lady, when she got home from “running errands” she brought us some more cans of stinky goodness, as well as some bouncy squishy balls to bat around. But best of all, she brought us this:


Two Kalahari-Themed-Duplex-Cat-Cubes!! So even though she does not know much about how to play with a kitten, apparently she does know something about what a kitten wants. It took the man and lady awhile to figure out how to attach the two cubes together, and then we were in business! I figured out if you sit inside one of the cubes and spin in circles fast enough, you can tip the whole thing over sideways!

Big Grey Kitty kind of sniffed the Kalahari-Themed-Duplex-Cat-Cubes, and Sister took a few tentative tours, but was also largely unimpressed. So it looks like this great feat of human engineering will be MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE!!

In other news, the humans still haven’t figured out what our names are. For now, the man is calling me “nonononono (giggle)” and the lady is calling me “NO GET DOWN FROM THERE” and occasionally “STOP THAT”. Needless to say, none of these are my name.

We will clue them in soon enough. For now, it is great to ignore their attempts at discipline. If they don’t know my name, I don’t have to listen!


Woo-hoo!!!!  My sister and I have been adopted at last!!

On Monday the nice man and lady who visited us over the weekend came back to visit us again.  This time they did a lot of talking to the principals about getting us out of this boarding school and home schooling us instead.

My sister and I (and our six other brothers and sisters) were born in May under some lady’s porch.  Our Mama Cat protected us from the lady, but one day the lady noticed how sick we were and took us to a doctor to get better.  Then the doctor stole my eye and wouldn’t give it back!!  They said something about an “infection” and “blind” and the next thing you know, I have a permanent wink.  My sister was given all kinds of medications, and one of our other sisters had both of her eyes stolen!!  After being at the hospital, we stayed at a different lady’s house, inside this time, and she called herself “FosterMom”.

Just when we started to get comfortable at FosterMom’s house, she enrolled us in boarding school!!  We stayed there for a little while and then FosterMom came back to visit us and told us that we would soon be going to “our furrever home”.  I guess that meant that we would be graduating from boarding school.

This nice man and lady came to visit us and they played with us and then we got ready to graduate.  For the graduation ceremony, the man and lady put a very small portable room out for us to see.  My sister and I walked right in to investigate!  How were we to know that they would lock the door behind us?  But now we know for next time…

There was a big grey kitty that graduated from boarding school with us, and got adopted by the nice man and lady.  Luckily he got his own portable room to himself, as there wasn’t any room left in ours.

All of us let the man and lady know we were not happy about the cramped quarters.  The next thing you know, it was very dark and it felt like the whole world was moving!  After a while, the world stopped moving, and the man and lady carried the portable rooms into their house.

The man and the lady let out the big grey kitty first and let him explore.  Sister and I complained about this grave injustice, and eventually we got let out too.

Wow, are there a lot of places to explore and play here!  They even have two sets of stairs for us to play Thundering Herd of Elephants!!  And there are even these really cool hurdles between some of the doorways for me to get lots of practice with my high jump!

So that’s the story of my life so far.  Luckily the nice man and lady have lots of computers here.  So I should not have much trouble getting onto the Internet to blog, what with Big Grey Kitty and Sister also wanting to blog.

I think we’re gonna like it here.