are your parents like this?

hey efurryone!  did you ever notice how lame our humans can be sometimes?  like how much they state the obvious?

here’s an example.  mom came up to me this morning and said “Meerkat!”

like, duh.

“Little girl!”  said dad.  um, yeah, i am a female feline.  and yes, i am petite.  sigh.

there is actually a great cartoon that summarizes this for all of us kittehs. (be sure to hover your mouse over the cartoon for additional commentary by the author.)


Cat Proximity xkcd cartoon

unfortunately, mom saw this cartoon.  then she showed it to dad.

instead of taking the hint, and speaking to us like the intelligent beings that we are, now mom and dad are walking up to us kittehs, and saying (you guessed it):

“You’re a kitty!”


do your humans also have this vocabulary problem when near you?

15 thoughts on “are your parents like this?”

  1. Oh yeah, our mom too…This is what she calls us…

    Skeeter: Mom says ” Hi MY mama!” Um Mom, I have never, nor will be a Mama or Mommy. Why do you call me this? Well it irks our dad, so she says she HAS to do it. She’s like a brat.

    King: Mom says: “Hiya my BIG TurkeyBall”. What the hell is that?!? Unless you’re giving me turkey, there’s no reason for that!

    Pandora: Mom says, “Hi my pink nose, black heel, white tip, ladybug!” She’s completely off her rocker!

    Cricket: Mom gets a little fancy with me. She tries to use a (very poor) Australian accent and says, “COme here my little Crickie”

    ‘Beans are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO weird!

  2. I hear ya, kittehs! I am going to be 11 years old in human beans’ years on June 22. Yet, my bean mom calls me Little Girl, Cookie Girl, and other strange names. Oh, well, we grown up kittehs know our ‘beans love us and we just have to accept their weird ways.

  3. Yeah…same problem here…Mom calls me ‘Candy’ sometimes because she says I’m sweet like candy, but seriously, DO I LOOK LIKE A PIECE OF CANDY? No, I don’t. And Tiny…that is a dead giveaway..IS (or used to be) tiny so why state the obvious?? I just can’t figure them out! Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny

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