Happy Birthday to Us

hi effuryone! it is me, Meerkat, the birthday girl. My biological brother Panda Bear and i are celebrating our 4th birthday today! efurryone is welcome to join us for a casual celebration.

mom says that for every real (not spam) comment on this post that we receive between now and next Sunday May 22, she will make a donation of $0.50 to the Cleveland Animal Protective League (APL). in addition to having a shelter, they also provide low cost apsy/neuter services, and help communities with TNR (trap – neuter – return). last night, mom and dad and a friend from mommy’s work did the T part of TNR and trapped 7 feral cats. dad is taking them to the APL for their hoohaectomies and ladygardenectomies (the N part of TNR).

thanks for visiting! enjoy the festivities! purrs!

36 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Us”

  1. Happy Birthday to both of you.This is so nice of your Mom to have this commentathon for the shelter. Our Mom loves places that does the TNR. We have 17 feral cats here. So we really appreciate you doing this for the Cleveland APL. Hope you have a wonderful day on your birthday and many more too. Meercat, you sure are pretty.

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