Bird Watching

Sorry that we have not posted in awhile.  Mommy says something about her job keeping her very busy.  Sigh.  She really needs to get her priorities straight!

In the meantime, we have a new source of entertainment here: The DeLuxe Bird Feeder Station.  Mom and Dad bought it at the local Wild Birds Unlimited store. The real name of the bird feeder is the WBU Advanced Pole System. It’s really cool, and keeps us entertained for hours.  The right side has a regular feeder for tasty regular birds. On top is a nifty house that the squirrels have pretty much claimed as theirs. Check it out:

The left side has a special feeder for tasty yellow birds like this one. Mom says the bird is a Gold Finch.

And now that it is warm here in Northeast O-Hi-o, windows have been left open for our sniffing pleasure!  Here is a photo of all of us Bambinos sniffing a squirrel:

In other news, I have a confession to make.  I LOVE Mommy’s shoes and slippers!!  It’s a little embarrassing, but I just can’t help it, I LOVE to cuddle with her shoes and slippers.

Well, that’s all the Bambino News for now!

7 thoughts on “Bird Watching”

  1. Meowza! What a nifty birdy feeder. Maybe I can meow my mom into getting one. I just love to watch the birdies from our bay window! Your mom got some great pics of you guys and the squirrel and birdy and yard! My mom says she is really looking forward to visiting youse guys this week. I’m a little jealous! BTW, don’t be ashamed of sniffing beans’ shoozies. We all love the stinky goodness that comes from beans’ smelly feets!

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