Fun and Games


I tell you, every day I discover more cat toys around the house.  There are some really cool things to play with here.  So today I thought that I would share with you some of the toys that I have found recently. 

This is one of my favorite “Non-Traditional” cat toys.  I have posted this photo previously, but for sheer pleasure as well as the potential to drive your humans nuts, batting around the dangly lamp pull-chain is second to none.

Panda Bear swatting the lamp cord

I discovered this next one entirely by accident.  Meerkat and I were wrassling on the stairs one day when we banged into this thing hanging on the wall.  These dangly chimey things make beautiful music if you bat them just the right way.  And they are pretty and shiny, too.  This is a photo of Meerkat playing with the wall chimey things.  I am on the floor looking up at Meerkat playing with the wall chimey thing.

Meerkat rings the doorbell

This next cat toy makes lots of noise.  I discovered this one a few weeks ago at about 4:00 am.  I immediately showed Meerkat how to play with it.  She even has developed her own technique of biting the big tall spokey things on legs.

Fireplace Playtoy

This next one is also dangly (do you notice a theme here?), but this one is soft unlike the last one, which is hard to the touch and bite.

Dangling Tassles!

And my new very most favorite game to play with Dad is The Closet Game.  Whenever Dad goes upstairs, there is a fairly high likelihood that he will open the door to his closet in the human sleeping room.  Once the door is opened, I run in!  Woo-hoo!!  I love to sit on the floor of Daddy’s closet!!!  (Does this make me a closet closet lover?  Hmmm, probably not, since I just told all of you about it.)

Panda Bear in the closet

After awhile, Daddy takes out this magical snake thing that he calls a “belt”.   Daddy can make the magical snake thingy dance and play.  I run out of Daddy’s closet to play with the “belt” and then Daddy puts the magical snake belt thingy away for next time.

This last one is Mom’s tea mug and spoon that I discovered on the table the other day.  When you clink the spoon inside the mug, it makes a very pretty sound.

Panda with head in mug

There are so many cool non-traditional cat toys to play with here!!


That big grey cat just doesn’t know how to have fun, man.  All he wants to do is sit around, take naps, and look out the big tall windows at the squirrels and birds.  He needs to get a life.

There is so much fun stuff to do around here and “Pious Padre” just sits there staring out that window, flashing his white tuft of fur.

Here’s a list of just a few of the ways to have fun, that do not involve staring out the window:

1. Chase Meerkat around the house

2. Get chased by Meerkat

3. Put the bitey on Meerkat’s head

4. Sniff Padre’s butt

5. Lie down really close to Padre, just to tick him off

6. Chase my tail inside the Kalahari-Themed-Duplex-Cat-Cubes with the intention of tipping the whole thing over on its end

7. Chase my tail on the landing that goes down to our poop boxes in the basement

8. Play chase the bird on a string with Dad

9. Climb all over Dad’s head at 2:00 am

10. Help Dad when he needs to work in his office by climbing all over him

11. Play with the nip filled toys Dad and Mom brought home

… and much more!

“Pious Padre” just doesn’t know have to fun!  He takes his white clerical collar look just a little too far!


Yesterday morning, the lady left but the man stayed home with us. We had a great time hanging out with him. For a human, he is particularly well-schooled in playing kitten games. He is much better at games than the lady.

First we played “Chase the Indoor Bird on a String”.

Then, the man turned on the television and let us watch Animal Planet, so we caught a rerun of Meerkat Manor.

Then the man let my sister and I play “Bite Each Other Until You Squeak”, and he did not try to break up our fun like the lady does!

Speaking of the lady, when she got home from “running errands” she brought us some more cans of stinky goodness, as well as some bouncy squishy balls to bat around. But best of all, she brought us this:


Two Kalahari-Themed-Duplex-Cat-Cubes!! So even though she does not know much about how to play with a kitten, apparently she does know something about what a kitten wants. It took the man and lady awhile to figure out how to attach the two cubes together, and then we were in business! I figured out if you sit inside one of the cubes and spin in circles fast enough, you can tip the whole thing over sideways!

Big Grey Kitty kind of sniffed the Kalahari-Themed-Duplex-Cat-Cubes, and Sister took a few tentative tours, but was also largely unimpressed. So it looks like this great feat of human engineering will be MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE!!

In other news, the humans still haven’t figured out what our names are. For now, the man is calling me “nonononono (giggle)” and the lady is calling me “NO GET DOWN FROM THERE” and occasionally “STOP THAT”. Needless to say, none of these are my name.

We will clue them in soon enough. For now, it is great to ignore their attempts at discipline. If they don’t know my name, I don’t have to listen!