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last weekend mommy and daddy visited one of their favorite cat supply stores called “coventry cats“. it is in cleveland heights, ohio, on this hippie street called coventry.

mommy had seen that other kitties in the blogosphere have the catnip bananer, and have raved about it. so when she saw that there were catnip bananers for sale at coventry cats, she got us one. operative word being “one”.

mommy and daddy let padre sniff it first. well, of course, panda bear and i had to investigate this new toy, too.

Sniffing the magical banana

that’s when padre got, uh, shall we say, “overprotective” and downright possessive of the catnip bananer. well, i wasn’t going to take that sitting down, nosirree. so i let padre have it!

How dare you take MY banana!  It

when panda bear tried to take the bananer from padre, the two of them also got into a spat:

Go ahead … grab the banana … make my day

who knew padre, of all cats, would be such a mean drunk?


eventually mommy and daddy took the bananer away from us and putted it way up high on a bookcase. harrumph!

Mom Here: Have any of you kitties in the blogosphere had a similar reaction to the catnip in the “Nip Banana”? Maybe we just found a really potent one. The Bambinos have gotten worked up over other catnip toys, but this nip bananer brought out the worst in all of them!


over the weekend, our friends maggy and zoey (and their mom) from zoolatry sended me this family portrait!!! looky!!! here i am with my long lost relatives in the kalahari desert! wow, what a thoughtful gift! i am so thrilled to receive such a fantastic portrait!

thanks, zoolatry!!!

Meerkat Family Portrait from Zoolatry

you can see how well my furs blend in with the desert landscape. mommy and daddy named me meerkat because of the color of my furs, and because of the sounds i make. i don’t really meow, i prefer to make chirpy and trilly sounds. when i was a kitten, i had a really long tail compared to the size of my body, and i like to run with it straight up, like meerkats doing their war dance. my tail is still especially long, and is very useful for whapping. 🙂

(i am still learning how to stand on my hind legs. it takes lotsa practice.)

a little while ago, i was tagged by the nice kitties at meaouwy troops for the middle name meme. i thought it would be appropriate to post my meme with my family portrait.

Here are the rules:
1. You have to post the rules before you give your answers.

2. You must list one fact about yourself beginning with each letter of your middle name. (If you don’t have a middle name, use your maiden name or your mother’s maiden name).

3. At the end of your blog post, you need to tag one person (or blogger of another species) for each letter of your middle name. (Be sure to leave them a comment telling them they’ve been tagged.)

i haven’t been given an “official” middle name, but daddy and mommy call me “meerkat girl” often, so i decided to use girl for my middle name meme.

g: great, gentle, gorgeous

i: intelligent, incredible, internet-savvy 🙂

r: reserved, rambunctious, regal (hey, they don’t call me “queen of the kalahari” for nothing)

l: lady, loving, lovable

so now i need to tag some friends. i tag:

adan, lego, & michico

and if my brothers want to play, i tag panda bear and padre. (mom made me do this. sigh.)

thanks for tagging me, meaouwy troops!


on friday, mommy packed the rectangular box with zippers (that we like to use as a scratching post) and put it into the room that moves. mommy gave us lots of love shnugglies and darn near sucked all the fur off our heads giving us “kisses” (blech!) and “hugs”.

and then she left us all alone!

well, daddy did show up after awhile. but no mommy!

so we spent the weekend just with daddy. it was fun, but we still missed mommy.

luckily, mommy came home yesterday afternoon. she started in with the hugs and kisses all over again!

mommy explained that she was helping aunt patty shop for a special dress. mommy said that patty’s boyfriend chris loves aunt patty very much, and to show his love for her, he gave her a very special present.

he gave her a rock.

i just don’t get humans sometimes. why would a rock be a sign of love? some primo catnip, now that’s a sign of true love. but a rock?

mommy said that aunt patty’s rock is very pretty. and that they had a fun time shopping for the dress. they found a beautiful dress.

oh, and another thing. that when chris gave aunt patty the rock, that means that he isn’t her boyfriend anymore. now he’s called her “fee-yawn-say”. didn’t i tell you that humans are weird?


every morning, mommy or daddy feeds the outdoor animals like the birdies and the beaver squirrels. we call them “beaver squirrels” because when aunt patty and her boyfriend chris were here to visit, aunt patty said that the squirrels were as big as beavers.

of course, us furry bambinos like to help mommy or daddy when they throw the food outside. we snoopervise and we perform qa checks of the peanuts and sunflower seeds.

we also like to sniff the outside air. it smells different than the inside air. in the winter time, the outside air is very cold. for some reason, mommy and daddy always put this gate thingy in front of the door when they feed the birdies.

Trapped from escaping!

but the outside air smells exciting!

Wait … there

one of these days, i’m gonna explore out there. for some reason, mommy and daddy always grab me and haul me back inside, just when i’m on the verge of escape!


but i think i’ll wait until it gets warmer. 🙂

have a happy easter efurryone!


we are pleased to announce our acting debut in our very first movie!  bambino films has now released “blair witch” mouse patrol.  it’s a thrilling mouse hunt filmed in a ‘blair witch’ style of filmmaking.

the stars of the film are the furry bambinos: padre, panda bear, and me!  grab your bag of temptations and enjoy the show! 

if the movie doesn’t show above,
click here to view the movie here instead



yesterday panda bear and i did not greet mommy and daddy when they got home from “work”.  usually all three of us furry bambinos meet mommy and daddy when they come in the front door, but not yesterday.

at first mommy was worried that something had happened to panda bear and me.  but then even with the lights off mommy could see that panda bear and i were on a mission.  (cue the mission impossible music)

mouse patrol, part deux!!

so daddy turned on the lights in the fambly room.  i had the mousie in my mouth.  next, i bunnykicked the mousie, threw the mousie across the room, and grabbed it again for more bunnykicking and throwing.  panda bear watched my technique closely.

i guess i was a little too rough with all the games i was playing with the mousie.  by the time mommy and daddy got home, the mousie was a little bit dead.  sorry mousie!

mommy spoke to gramma and grampa today on the talkie thingy.  she told them that millie’s mom is done making gramma’s quilt and will be mailing it soon.  mommy also told gramma and grampa the story about the mousie.  grampa said it was a case of “the mousie being at the wrong place at the wrong time”.

mommy and daddy feel very sorry for the mousie.  normally mommy and daddy catch the mousies and release them outdoors.  mommy refers to the mousies as “the lenten mice” because the mousies tend to come inside the house during lent.  probably because there is usually snow on the ground and they are looking for food.

now mommy and daddy are calling me “killer”.

Meerkat Lounging About

who, me?  (wide-eyed innocent look)  😀


one of our favorite cartoons is “get fuzzy”, which stars our hero “bucky katt”.  mommy has a cartoon hanging up in the kitchen that has bucky katt talking to his bean, rob. 

rob (to bucky katt):  “what are you doing?”

bucky katt:  “i’m on mouse patrol.”

rob:  “we don’t have mice.”

bucky katt:  “we don’t have mice … because I do mouse patrol.”

one of my favorite pasttimes is looking out the back windows for mousies.  padre and panda bear also like to join me when i am on mouse patrol.

when there is snow on the ground, it is very easy to spot the mousies.  the mousies are dark grey, and show up very clearly against the bright white snow.

Meerkat and Padre on Mouse Patrol!

sometimes panda bear and i like to sniff at the little opening on the landing of the basement steps.  we can smell mousies through this hole.  this hole leads to the room where the room that moves sleeps.

Meerkat at the Mousie Hole

mommy and daddy told us that clyde also used to sniff at this hole when he was on mouse patrol. now it’s my job. it is very important to let the mousies know that the furry bambinos are in charge here.  i want to protect mommy and daddy.  they call me “the huntress”!

Meerkat Sniffing the Mousie Hole

we were very lucky the other day!  panda bear found a mousie in the house in the fambly room!

he grabbed it but couldn’t hang on to it at first.  so i chased it around, pinned it down, and then grabbed it in my mouth!  mmmmmmm.  mousie tastes goooooood!

The Mouse Running Free!

then panda bear growled at me!  panda bear growled at me!  i was so surprised, i almost made my jaw drop open, but remembered i was holding the mousie.  i ran around with it in my mouth for a little while.  then, i decided to put it down and play soccer with the mousie. i batted it back and forth between my front paws, then picked it up again in my mouth. panda bear wanted a turn to play, so the next time i set it down, i let panda bear chase the mousie around the fambly room!

Panda Bear prepares to attack!

panda bear was quick!  he jumped on the mousie, snatched it up in his mouth, and ran off to the basement with it!  mommy went chasing after panda bear, and snapped this picture with the flashy box.

Panda Bear with the Mouse in his mouth!

but they didn’t stay in the basement for long.  soon panda bear was running back upstairs into the fambly room. he set the mousie down to play with it, but this time mommy captured it in a see-through container.  we were very upset with mommy for doing this.

the mousie taunted us from his protective shell, and we couldn’t attack it! harrumph!

The Mouse is safe from the Bambinos!

daddy slid a piece of cardboard under the see-through container to keep the mousie trapped inside.  then he flipped it upside down so the mousie would be in the bottom.  the mousie squeaked and squeaked at us.

then mommy opened the back door and daddy tossed the mousie outside into the cold winter air! to paraphrase daisy from her post yesterday, “no mouse soup for us”.

poor mousie … he would have been so much warmer if he had stayed inside with us!  😀