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i was tagged by my good friend millie to do tigmuthep’s meme.

you need to tell everyone 3 things that are new with you! link it back to and the purrson who gave it to you (millie) and pass it on to 3 more kitties you’d like to know more about! 🙂

1. i have discovered recently that mommy has a very comfortable lap! i like to sit on her lap while she pets me and gives me scritches.

2. i am currently going through a growth spurt, so i have been extra hungry. if panda bear and padre don’t eat everything in their bowl before i am ready for more, i (ahem) eat from their bowls, even if it means pushing them out of the way. in fact, mom and dad are even calling me (gasp, this is embarrassing) the food bully.

3. recently, i like to go into the human litter box room when mom or dad is in there. i like to lie down on the carpet and roll back and forth, showing off the stripes on my tummy!

these are the three kitties that i am tagging:

my brother panda bear

gandalf and grayson at it’s all about meow


we have been tagged by poppy q and by millie for two more memes! hooray! memes are fun! today i will do the meme that poppy q tagged us for.

poppy q tagged us for the meme created by the charming cats at

here are the rules:
you have to post who tagged you and link back to them and then to then you have to tag 3 other kitties, beans, woofies, or any other assorted animal.

what three things would you do that you have never done before, if you knew you wouldn’t get caught, get in trouble, or suffer any consequences?

hmm… this is hard…

1. i would go visit gramma, grampa, and uncle jim in pittsburgh.  mom tells me that her fambly really likes kitties.  while in pittsburgh, i would visit aunt patty and meet our feline cousins rainbow and muse!

2. i would go outside and play in the yard and sniff everything and climb trees!

3. i would remove these silly soft paws claw covers and claw all the furniture to my heart’s content!

now i have to tag 3 other kitties, so i tag:
the gang at jan’s funny farm

my brothers panda bear and padre will also do this meme later this week.

thanks for tagging us poppy q!


padre and jb of jb’s small world created the nicknames meme, and my brother padre tagged me. so here goes.

here are the rules:
post a link to the kitty who tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.
list your real name, how you got your real name, nicknames you like/tolerate, and nicknames you wish your humans would stop calling you.
tag several kitties, and write a comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

real name: meerkat

Meerkat Lounging About

named meerkat because: i am a gold and brown tabby kitty. mom and dad wanted to name me something to do with my markings. they also really like to watch the tv show “meerkat manor”. mom and dad think that my markings make me look like a meerkat, and i make chirpy sounds like meerkats make. mom and dad also say that i eat like a meerkat. i take some offense about the eating part, as i do not dig up bugs or scorpions. so what if i chew with my mouth open?

nicknames i like/tolerate:
meer meer
ms. meerkat
little girl

nicknames i do not like:
food bully (hey, i happen to be going through a growth spurt right now and need my nourishment…)

now, i tag the following kitties:
dragonheart and merlin
kimo and sabi


sorry that we haven’t been blogging much lately. mommy has had a busy week and was usually too tired after work to help us blog.

like our friend millie, i was shy at first around mom and dad. while my littermate panda bear and adopted brother padre were all outgoing and friendly with the humans, i held back at first.

then last month mommy was sick for a whole week! so she stayed home from work, and i got a chance to get to know her better. and actually, she’s ok as humans go. when she napped in bed for a whole day, i kept her company and napped with her.

it was during that week that i discovered that mommy has a very comfortable lap! and, mommy is very good at giving pets and scritches and love shnugglies. (a love shnuggly is an extended pet and scritch-fest.)

Meerkat schnuggling with Mom

me sitting on mommy’s lap

so then i started approaching mommy and daddy more readily. to their credit, they waited for me to be ready for when i asked for attention. i love my mommy and daddy very much. now, i like to follow mommy and daddy around the house: upstairs, downstairs, to the basement while mommy does laundry or daddy scoops our poop boxes.

i am very lucky to have such a great furrever home and such great adoptive parents. purrrrrrrrrrrr.


we have received our first-ever award!!

jb from jb’s big world gave us a “thank you for being my friend” award: Best Friend Award

jb likes meerkats, and he (ooops!) she gave us the award because we have a meerkat (that’s me)!

thank you so much jb! we think you are a fun friend too!

we would like to paw it forward to miss daisy, darling millie, pyewacket & trixie ,and tigger the fbi cat

thanks again jb for our first award!


happy new year efurryone!

daddy and mommy are home again today, and they are busy in the kitchen. as max the psychokitty would say, there are all sorts of real live fresh dead things in the refrigerator.

things like choreeeeeezo (that’s how mommy says it.  daddy says its spelled chorizo.):

Spanish sausage, chorizo

and scallops:

Scallops for the Bambinos!

there are also clams: 

 Clams for the Bambinos!

and shrimpies:

Seafood for the Bambinos

and of course, chicken boobs:

Chicken for the Bambinos!

my brother wanted to help verify that the scallops were good, but he got too close to the flashy box.

 Panda sniffs the scallops

so he just tried to do a refrigerator inspection instead …

Panda Bear in the Refrigerator!

daddy gave us some shrimpies just for us to eat. 

Shrimpies for the Bambinos!

he ground them up and made them easier to eat for us, and here’s what we thought of them:

Shrimpies not so tasty after all

the photo doesn’t tell the real story.  actually, padre was just sniffing it.  he didn’t actually eat any EITHER. 

maybe mommy and daddy didn’t know how to make it right.  max raves about real live fresh dead shrimp, but it just didn’t do anything for me. 

daddy and mommy had all these ingredients because they were making something called pie-ay-uh.  it sounded spanish, but i did not know how to spell pie-ay-uh, so i asked padre, since he is fluent in spanish. padre told me that you spell it “paella”.

daddy has his mommy’s recipe to make paella. it is a puerto rican/spanish/medituhrainian dish with rice and lots of fishies in it. daddy’s daddy is from puerto rico, and daddy’s mommy makes a really tasty paella (at least daddy and mommy think so). we will post gramma’s recipe for paella at the end of this post.  this was the final result:

Paella for the Bambinos!

we weren’t allowed to have any because it has onions in it!  🙁

ok. here is gramma’s recipe for paella. (daddy made it into a pee-dee-eff file so you can download it.)


a lot has been going on here lately!

for starters, we were abandoned on saturday night! mommy and daddy packed up some bags and wrapped some objects in shiny pretty bags and then they left and didn’t come home! for a whole day!!

apparently they went to visit mommy’s family far far away. mommy’s family lives in pittsburgh, pennsylvanicat, which is where mommy grew up. they saw gramma, grampa, uncle jim, aunt patty, and aunt patty’s boyfriend, chris.

mommy gave aunt patty the gizzy quilts for aunt patty’s kitties, rainbow and muse.  this was the first one:

Gizzy Quilt #7 

and this was the second one:

Gizzy Quilt #14

aren’t they beeuutiful?

gramma studied the quilts and said “who are these for? for the cats? they are too pretty to give to a cat!!” (harrumph.) so mommy told gramma that padre, panda bear, and i each have our own gizzy quilts, and gramma just shook her head.  here’s gramma with one of the quilts:

Grandma and Gizzy

while mommy and daddy were gone, miss deb came over to visit us and feed us and play with us!! hooray!! miss deb is very very nice. she let us get comfortable with her and let us sniff her. miss deb is the human mommy for miss tammy faye. we haven’t met tammy faye yet, but she must be nice since miss deb is so nice! tammy faye is a devon rex kitty with black and orange and white furs.

mommy and daddy have visited tammy faye and told us how nice she is. this is a picture of tammy faye:

Tammy Faye front

here’s my daddy sitting with miss tammy faye

Tammy Faye Back

isn’t she pretty? mommy said that her furs are very very soft.

miss deb saw to it that we had fresh food and water and she visited with us while mommy and daddy were away. thank you very much miss deb!!! we love you!!