Why is the door to Mommy’s office closed?  Usually, that door is open all the time.  In the photo, you can see me sniffing at the gate, trying to understand this mystery!

What is the big idea?  We love to look out the window in Mommy’s office, and now we can’t get in there.  Hoomph!

Kittehs of the Blogosphere, why do you think that the door is closed?  Inquiring Furry Bambinos want to know!

10 thoughts on “WTH?”

  1. Well, Furry Bambinos, maybe your mommy was trying to work and/or talk on telephone. Sometimes I do things to get my mom’s attention while she is working: I meow very LOUDLY and bring my toy to Mom to play fetch or I make too much noise by messing around with the scrathin’ post or printer paper or I try out bitey. A couple of times I even turned off the computer! That’s when my mommy shuts the office door. Fortunately, there is a large gap under the door, so I can fling my little toys underneath and meow loudly enough to disturb mom’s work. You should try that, too!

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