Purrs for Japan and Thank You Furry Much

We want to send purrs and purrayers to all the inhabitants of Japan in this very sad and scary time. We just feel so helpless seeing the photos and videos of the devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami. It is sobering to realize that the aftershocks from the main quake are as large as severe earthquakes themselves. The Cat Blogosphere site has suggestions of ways to help, and we are planning to make a donation.

My sister Floofs (Caramel) and I (Cookie) would like to say a big THANK YOU to all of you fur coming to our birthday party last week! We really appreciate all your birthday wishes, getting to visit with you, and especially for sharing some of your loose furs with us! We are also making the rounds to visit each of your blogs purrsonally.

As you may recall, Mommy and Daddy had recently dragged the rug sucking monsters around, and removed all our furs from our cat trees. So we decided that the theme for our party would be shedding. Thanks to all of you, we now have furry cat trees again!

Thanks for helping us put the Furry back in The Furry Bambinos!

We hope you all enjoyed yourselves! We got some more Temptations treats to share.

We also received some new nip mousies.

Floofs (Caramel) is giving the new mousies a good sniff.

Panda Bear and Floofs are playing with a nip mousie that looks like a bumble bee. Floofs is doing her signature tag maneuver.

Nip mousies are great!

In other news, we had another big snow storm on Thursday night and Friday – the most snow we have had this season. Before this snow storm, all of our previous snow had meltified due to heavy rains. So all the snow you see in the photo below is just from Thursday night and Friday. We got about 15 inches here. Mommy stayed home and worked from home on Friday.

My sister Floofs and Panda Bear are taking a deep sniff of the cold fresh air. We are looking forward to warmer weather when we can have the windows open.

Next time, we will pick up where we left off telling you about Mama Rose’s bebbehs – and some adoption stories!

7 thoughts on “Purrs for Japan and Thank You Furry Much”

  1. We are glad that yer mommeh worked from home Friday. It was nasty out there! Our mommeh always works from home and is happy about that. She convinced daddeh to stay home after we saw 2 cars get stuck on our street! Our boy, Tim, lives in Cleveland Heights and went out walking a little bit. We are glad he did not drive.
    Mommeh says she has had a tummy ache ever since the sadness happened in Japan. We are all sad. All we can do is send money at this point.
    A nice lady who owns a Japanese restaurant in Solon OH has family in Sendai. They are safe! The nice lady owner is offering a $15 gift certif to anyone who texts $10 to the Red Cross. Isn’t she purrfectly generous? We think it is Akira restaurant, but call and check if you want to.
    Love, Niecy and Trish

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