Happy Gotcha Day to Us!

Hi Efurryone!!!  ::: waves paws excitedly :::

Today is the Anniversary of our Adoption Day!!!  You are never going to believe what we got as a present…

Mom and Dad gave us a CAR!!!

Panda Bear on Car

We Furry Bambinos have been here in our furrever home for exactly one year!!!  We are so happy to be here, that we decided a great way to celebrate would be to have a CONTEST and a PAR-TAY!

The CONTEST will be two drawings for prizes.  One prize will be an all-expenses paid shopping spree to Coventry Cats.  Panda Bear will do the shopping, based on your personal preferences.  Shopping spree amount to be determined, based approximately on the number of entrants, like $1 per entrant.

The other prize will be a donation to a U.S. shelter or rescue group of your choosing.  Amount of donation to be determined, based approximately on the number of entrants, like $1 per entrant.  The drawings will be on Wednesday, October 22 at 9:30 pm EDT.  Leave a note in the comments if you want to enter. Deadline to enter is 6:00 pm EDT tonight, Wednesday, October 22.

PAR-TAY starts at 9:00 am EDT, and lasts until the last kitty goes home.  All are welcome!  There will be toys and games!

Bambinos and Wand

There will be lots of food, and naps, and nip!

Meerkat Nip Sardine

Stop by for our party!  Enter our contest!  Take our car for a spin!

21 thoughts on “Happy Gotcha Day to Us!”

  1. Buddy: You got a car? YOU GOT A CAR OF YOUR OWN? That’s not fair. We took Jan’s car for a spin once but we’ve never gotten to drive again. Most of the Funny Farm LOVES to drive. And I LOVE to tell them where to go! sniff, sniff, sob

    Percy: Cheer up, Buddy, We crashed the car into the bushes and retired from driving. At least until we get a smaller vehicle.

    JFF: We think we already signed up for your contest a few days ago. In case, we’re thinking of another kitty’s contest, we’d like to sign up for yours.

    Happy Gotcha Day to all of you!!! We’re always happy to celebrate forever homes.

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