Party Time!

Hello kittehs!  Two years ago today, Mommy and Daddy took Panda Bear, Meerkat, and I, Padre, home from PetSmart!  So that means that today is reason to celebrate and share our happiness with our friends in the Cat Blogosphere!

All three of us spent some time living out of doors, so there are many things for which we are very grateful: safe shelter from the elements, fresh food and clean water whever we want, cozy napping spots, love, and most of all, our friends in the Blogosphere!  As elder statescat, and resident padre, I will be leading the group in purrs and purrayers as we give thanks for all the blessings in our lives.

So please join us for a day of celebration.  There will be food, and nip, and toys, and games, naps, and fellowship.  Plus, if you want, you can  visit The Apostles (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and Joann), through the baby gate.  They haven’t been to the V-E-T yet, so sniffing only please!  Mom says that it’s OK to SQUEEE, though!

19 thoughts on “Party Time!”

  1. Happy Gotcha Day! Sheesh, our mom squeed so loud dat our ears hurt! She tried to hide da kitten pikshers from dad but he saw dem and started up wif da “aren’t they cute, don’t you miss having babies in the house, you know, Speedy just loves the baby kittens” so mom just let him go on and on and when he stopped to take a breath she leaned over and whispered in his ear “only if you start cleaning the litter box”. Guess we’ll leave the kittens to you…lol

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