Happy Birthday Tammy Faye!

Today is our good friend Miss Tammy Faye’s birthday!  She is celebrating her 9th birthday!  Mom is good friends with Tammy Faye’s Mom, Miss Deb.  Miss Deb visits us and feeds us when our Mom and Dad are away.

This is a recent photo of Tammy Faye, taken in April at Passover.  Tammy’s human brother Tim took this photo.  We think that Tammy is a very pretty kitty.  Notice how Tammy is protecting her “baby” in this photo.

Tammy Faye April 2008

Tammy, we hope that you have a great birthday!  Mom took our birthday card that we all signed over to Tammy Faye’s house last night.  We hope you like it!


Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Mom, and Dad

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Tammy Faye!”

  1. Dear Ant Sue, Unca Dave and my furry feline friends, the Furry Bambinos,

    Thank you so much for the birday wishes on your blog. Also, thanx for the really cool card and fury toy. At first I thought it was another aminal coming to our house like that time Ernie the Little Beast came here for a few days. But I sniffed it and realized it is a toy. Wow, did I ever have fun with it! I can’t jump as high as Meercat, but I can stand on my hind legs and box it and chase it around. After a while, Mom said I was getting too excited, so she put it away until later. She sang the birday song to me…”Hippo birdie two ewe..” Dad wished me HB, too, in that high squeaky voice I like. Then the big storm came and both Mom and me were a little ascairt so we hid under the covers in bed until all the noise and light stopped. Now we are playing fetch twisty toy. I’m trying to get Mom to come fetch my toy, but she keeps telling me to bring it to her. When will she ever learn?!
    Thanks again for remembring me on my birday! And thanks to all my long distance friends who commented above. You’re all too kind!

    Your Friend furever,
    Tammy Faye

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