Brofurs and Sisfurs: Meerkat’s Opinions of Panda Bear and Padre

hello furriends! Meerkat here. today, i made my first post to the Tabby Cat Club blog. this is that same post. Be sure to go to Tabby Cat Club to check out what others think of their brofurs and sisfurs.

for today’s post, i want to make it purrfectly clear how i feel about Panda Bear, my biological brofur. this short film sums it up well.


if it does not play, click here to watch it on our youtube channel.

on the other paw, Padre is my cuddle buddy, and we love each other very much.

i believe that i speak on behalf of the furry bambinos when i say that Panda Bear can be a real PITT (pain in the tocks) sometimes.

2 thoughts on “Brofurs and Sisfurs: Meerkat’s Opinions of Panda Bear and Padre”

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