International Box Day 2012

Happy International Box Day, Furriends!!!

Panda Bear here, to tell you about a Wonderful Box.

Mom and Dad brought The Wonderful Box home one Friday night back in Feburrrrrary. They put it on the floor in the dining room, but did not open it! We wanted to know what The Box was like.

So we just had to sniff the outside of The Box. And sit on The Box. That’s Cookie sitting on The Box.

Finally, Mom and Dad opend The Box on Saturday, and took all the stuff out. Which gave us the chance to thoroughly examine The Box.

Before I was done checking out The Box, Padre joined me inside. The Box was big enough for both of us!

Padre is giving The Box a Thorough Sniffing.

I am Trapped in a Box of Tremendous Size!

Just hanging out in My Box.

Happy International Box Day Efurryone!

Pee. Ess.  Can you guess what was in The Wonderful Box? We’ll tell you about it next time!

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