Our bloggy is broke!

Panda Bear reporting …

Something happened to our blog!  Mommy noticed it this morning and was a little worried. 

Daddy is our tech dude, so he took a look at it closer and found that something was all broke.  So Daddy worked his magic … and really @$&#ed it up good! 

Now all our pictures are gone and we are sad.  I’m going to bite Daddy when he gets home because he did something he shouldn’t have —  I know it!  I know it!  I know it! 

He promises to get all our pictures back in place as soon as he can.  He better!  We will all gang up on Daddy tonight and give him the bitey! 

Daddy told me he has to “back up” more often so this doesn’t happen in the future.  Why does Daddy need to back up?  Why doesn’t he just go forward?  Beans are weird. 

Gotta sharpen my teeth for the bitey party tonight! 

Panda Bear out.

7 thoughts on “Our bloggy is broke!”

  1. Fortunately, your feed is still OK. Yeah, Panda Bear, humans are good for scritches and opening cans of Stinky Goodness, but not much else. My human just had to do something in WordPress to keep Yahoo from slurping up all our bandwidth and I was on edge every second until he logged off. Apparently he got this one right. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then…

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