Panda Bear’s Nicknames Meme

Padre tagged me for the Nicknames Meme he created along with JB of JB’s Small World. We have also been tagged for a meme by Poppy Q and Meerkat was tagged by Millie. We are busy working on those memes! We’ll post those in the next few days.

Here are the rules for the Nicknames Meme:
Post a link to the kitty who tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.
List your real name, how you got your real name, nicknames you like/tolerate, and nicknames you wish your humans would stop calling you.
Tag several kitties, and write a comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

Real Name: Panda Bear

Laughing Panda Bear

Named Panda Bear Because: I am a black and white tuxedo kitty. Mom and Dad wanted to name me something to do with my markings and personality, and panda bears are cute and cuddly. (I am glad that they didn’t choose to name me Skunk!)

Nicknames I Like/Tolerate:
The Purrmeister
Little Guy

Nicknames I Do Not Like:
The Food Bully
Pot-Bellied Pig (Mom and Dad think they are funny by calling me something with the same initials as Panda Bear)
Poopy Butt (again, not funny, but maybe I should poop on their pillows)

Now, I tag the following kitties:

Captain Jack and Sir Dante of Purrageous Pirates
Queen Snickers and Empress of Royal Kitties
Tybalt, the Prince of Cats

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