Belated Bambino Party

Hi Everyfurry!!! Thanks to the Cat Blogosphere and to you kitties who REMEMBERED to blog for our purrthday. Meerkat and I appreciate your comments and birthday wishes.

Mom and Dad have been rotten parents lately. They claim that they have been too busy to help us blog.  And they even missed blogging on our Purrthday on May 16!!!  Well, you know what that means.




You are all invited over to Casa Furry Bambino for a house trashing party. (Although, we have to admit, the house looks pretty messy already.)

Mom is on “vaCATion” from her day hunting gig. Note, the center of the word vacation is CAT, which means that her time off should center around US. Well, that does not seem to be happening.

Dad pretty much works at home lately, but we think that they will be busy outside. Yesterday, a superbig room that moves showed up and horked a big pile of dirt in the driveway:

Pile O Dirt

Ya’d think Mom and Dad would be upset, but noooo! They actually paid for the horking of the dirt. Go figure. Anyway, they apparently will be busy moving the dirt off the driveway. So they probably won’t notice a few dozen extra cats hanging out inside!

They did remember to give us a present that all three of us have to share:

The Tower is a Big Hit

C’mon over to try it out:

Meerkat is Queen of The Tower Padre Sniffs Tentatively

See you at the party!

19 thoughts on “Belated Bambino Party”

  1. HOUSE TRASHING!!! One of our favorites! We are having a party ourselves right now – so we are already in the mood! Where is the furniture to scratch? The curtains to swing – the carpet for the staining hairballs – and of course the valuable China that makes such a nice noise when it breaks?
    We will get right to work – and then raid the fridge, HURRAY!!!

  2. Happy belated Purrthday! We’ll add lots of extra cat hair and TP shreds to the house trashing…. Charlemagne shakes and a large pile of gray and white hair falls onto the floor:: Tamar races around and shreds toilet paper::

    so, what else can we do?

    Charlemagne and Tamar

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