Mom and Dad Gave Me a Bath

Thanks to all of you who stopped by for our House Trashing Party!  Mom and Dad really have some cleaning up to do!

In other news, yesterday morning Meerkat, Padre, and I were on Mouse Patrol!  I managed to wriggle my way into the fireplace (through a closed fireplace chain-link screen) to sniff the mousie out.  Upon my triumphant return following the mousie into the living room, I expected to receive praise and accolades for my bravery and mousing acumen.

Nope.  Instead, Mom grabbed me, and she and Dad gave me a BATH.  A human-style shower.  Complete with running water.  In the kitchen sink.

Apparently, they didn’t think I could lick myself clean.  Mommy was upset that I was no longer a tuxedo kitty, but a black cat.  (Not that there’s anything wrong with being a black cat.)

After getting me thoroughly saturated, Dad wrapped me in a soft towel and dried me off.

But I still needed to groom my furs back into place.  Especially my tail furs.

So I settled in the fambly room and began the process of realigning my furs into position. Padre was more freaked out about the whole bath thing than I was.  He came over to give me a good sniff.

Grooming grooming grooming …

Luckily, Meerkat and Padre continued the pursuit of the mousie after I was waylaid by the bath.  When Dad tried to resecure the fireplace, that’s when he finally saw the mousie.  Padre and Meerkat told Dad to just grab the mousie in his teeths.  Instead, Dad left the scene to retrieve his human style mouse catching equipment (plastic tub and flattened Cheerios box).  Dad captured the mousie in the corner of the living room.

Meerkat inspected the mousie in the plastic container.  You can tell she is really craving a taste of mouse between her teeth and gums.

Then Dad went outside and released the mousie into the garden.

I am plotting my revenge for the bath, and for the release of the mousie …

6 thoughts on “Mom and Dad Gave Me a Bath”

  1. What a coincidence!! My Bean gave me my first bath today .. my first since I adopted her, anyway. She doesn’t know if I ever had one before, and I ain’t tellin’ ..
    Anyway, it was in the sink just like yours. Now this is the annoying part: there was absolutely no reason for it. I wasn’t out for mousies, and just because I get a little itchy sometimes is NO REASON AT ALL to slather that icky, slimy stuff in my fur, then sluice me in the wet stuff.
    I have to admit, tho’, that big, warm towel was really nice.

    Today really was about my Bean’s DIY grooming salon, because earlier she snipped off all my sharp little talons .. I’d been trying to grow them out. Dang .
    (Now that I think of it, she probably did that so I couldn’t claw my way out of the bath.. that’s IT: she’s never cutting my toenails again.)

    *sigh* .. stressful day .. I need a nap.

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