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last weekend, mommy and daddy captured panda bear and me and gave us our pedicures.  we got temptations treats, so although i squirmed a lot and complained about it, the temptations almost made it all worthwhile.

however, mommy and daddy had a surprise in store for us: they put fancy nails over our now short claws on our front feets.  panda bear got to go first, and he was not very happy about getting his claws all covered up.  i kind of hung out nearby in case he wanted my moral support.

clearly, this was a mistake, i should have hidden!  the next thing i knew, i got picked up and daddy held onto me real tight while mommy put on the pretty red and green nail covers.  as i have mentioned before, i do not like to be held.  so the whole experience was not fun, even though i thought my claws looked pretty when mommy and daddy were finished.  mommy kept saying “it’s like trying to hold jello that hasn’t jelled yet”.  i dunno what she meant by that.  all i wanted was to get free of daddy’s firm grasp.

here is a photo of panda bear’s nail covers when they were first put on last weekend.  don’t the nail covers stand out nicely against panda bear’s white furs?

Closeup on Panda

and here is a photo of mine, taken recently after i managed to remove some of the nail covers just fell off all by themselves:


so far, panda bear and i have managed to remove have had a combined total of 9 nail covers just fall off all by themselves. and to think that daddy and mommy were wondering how to get them off? however, i do think that they are festive and pretty, just not fun to get them put on.


we were tagged by Tybalt the Prince of Cats and tigger the f.b.i. cat for the “seven weird or interesting things about you” meme. thanks!

here are the meme rules:
* link to the cat who tagged you and post the rules on your blog
* share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself
* tag 7 random cats at the end of your post & include links to their blogs
* let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

1. i love temptations treats! i also love baby food which the mommy lady feeds to us when she is home in the middle of the day. therefore, i also like it when the mommy lady is home in the middle of the day!

2. mostly, i prefer to make what the mommy lady refers to as “chirpy trilly sounds” rather than meowing. this is part of the reason that the mommy lady and the daddy decided to name me meerkat. i have only just begun to practice my meowing, and i’m 6 months old now.

3. i was born under a porch in may of this year. i also got the eye infection that two of my siblings got. my brother panda bear lost his right eye to the infection, and our sister nod lost both of her eyes. fortunately, i have both my eyes, with just a little scarring on my right eye.

4. i am a tabby girl, with both butterscotch-gold and brown-grey stripes.

5. when i eat, i prefer to eat with my mouth open, like my namesake meerkats of the kalahari desert.

6. i like to sit on the mommy lady’s desk while she works on the computer. the lamp light keeps me warm. like my brother panda bear, i also enjoy playing with the lamp cord.

7. i like to jump very high and do acrobatics while playing the chase-the-bird-on-a-string game with the daddy. daddy is very fun to play games with!

Meerkat - The Flying Bambino!

now i tag castor and pollux of the meezer brothers and my adopted brother padre to do the 7 interesting things meme.


daddy added a new feature to our blog which sounds fun. 

sometimes you might forget to come read what we have been up to.  so, daddy made it so that you can now get an email update every time we post a new entry here. 

he says you’ll just get an email every time we write something, and you’ll get it the next day, sometime in the early morning. 

daddy’s nice like that sometimes.


the furry bambinos want to know … did you get to eat turkey on “turkey day”?  take our new bambino poll over on the right side of the screen and answer! 

we got turkey.  padre was a food bully about it.  he ate his, then he ate mine, and then he ate panda bear’s. 

but me and panda bear didn’t really care.  me and panda bear didn’t really like it all that much.  it was too dry for my taste.  so really, i let padre eat mine. 


for all the mudslinging that padre and panda bear have done over the past few weeks, i am beginning to suspect that it is all for show.

just take a look at this photographic evidence i snapped when they were too sleepy to notice:

Panda Bear and Padre practice male bonding on Armistice Day 

those two took a two-hour nap together on the comfy sofa in the kitty feeding room yesterday afternoon! maybe they have finally decided to settle their disputes. perhaps they decided to declare a temporary truce. either way, they did so on the anniversary of armistice day, which seems fitting.


hi everybody!

wow, we are truly amazed at the power of kitty blogging. imagine our great surprise to receive so many furrriendly hellos from all over the world!

many thanks to miss daisy for repurrting about our blog on the cat blogosphere site! that was furry kind of her to let all of you know about us and our blog.

we are delighted that we have met so many nice kitties who have commented on our blog. over the next few days we will be visiting your blogs and returning the favor!

Meerkat typing her entry

we are so excited to be blogging kitties. we are new to this, so we are learning all the time. we were unsure about the etiquette for adding blogs to one’s blogroll. actually, we have a difference of opinion among the furry bambinos. i think that you should be courteous, and ask a kitty first before adding them to your blogroll.

my wild and crazy brother, panda bear, thinks it’s ok to just go ahead and add cool kitty’s blogs to your blogroll. padre sort of sides with me, but thinks it’s ok to add a blog as long as you let them know.

anyway, what do you all think?

thanks again to efurryone for all the lovely welcomes!


sycophant:  n. a servile self-seeker who attempts to win favor by flattering influential people.
(, american heritage dictionary)

there he is just sitting on missus human’s lap and purring like his life depended on it.  and the way he took to the presents she brought!  i for one am not as easily bought.  here’s my idea of a cool cat toy:

An Even Better Toy!

between my brother and big grey cat, i don’t know who is the worse lackey. they follow missus human around from room to room and then (gasp!) sit in her laphave they no pride?  they worship mister human in the same manner.

big grey cat meets the humans every time they come in through the front door.  in fact, now that i remember it, when the missus human opened the door to our dorm room at the boarding school, my brother immediately jumped into missus human’s arms and turned on the purr-motor.  i guess i should have seen this coming.

you won’t catch me fawning all over the humans like my brother and big grey cat.  i will continue to resist the humans’ attempts to turn me into a groveling, kowtowing lap cat.  i am kitten, hear me roar!