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last weekend, mommy and daddy captured panda bear and me and gave us our pedicures.  we got temptations treats, so although i squirmed a lot and complained about it, the temptations almost made it all worthwhile.

however, mommy and daddy had a surprise in store for us: they put fancy nails over our now short claws on our front feets.  panda bear got to go first, and he was not very happy about getting his claws all covered up.  i kind of hung out nearby in case he wanted my moral support.

clearly, this was a mistake, i should have hidden!  the next thing i knew, i got picked up and daddy held onto me real tight while mommy put on the pretty red and green nail covers.  as i have mentioned before, i do not like to be held.  so the whole experience was not fun, even though i thought my claws looked pretty when mommy and daddy were finished.  mommy kept saying “it’s like trying to hold jello that hasn’t jelled yet”.  i dunno what she meant by that.  all i wanted was to get free of daddy’s firm grasp.

here is a photo of panda bear’s nail covers when they were first put on last weekend.  don’t the nail covers stand out nicely against panda bear’s white furs?

Closeup on Panda

and here is a photo of mine, taken recently after i managed to remove some of the nail covers just fell off all by themselves:


so far, panda bear and i have managed to remove have had a combined total of 9 nail covers just fall off all by themselves. and to think that daddy and mommy were wondering how to get them off? however, i do think that they are festive and pretty, just not fun to get them put on.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007 11:53 am

Daisy @ 11:53 am #

Your clawr covers are fantastic. They are so colorful and festive, perfect for the season. Too bad they keep falling off, all by themselves…

Monday, December 17, 2007 3:33 am

Wow, where can I get a pair of those cool nails!?

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