Bambinoversary #4

Hello Furriends! Today is a Very Special Day. Four years ago today, Panda Bear, Meerkat, and I (Padre) were ADOPTED!!

We are so grateful to have loving parents, safe and warm and dry shelter, food, water, treats, and Furriends like you!

Also, in honor of Derby’s birthday this past Thursday, here are some Tocks shots for your viewing pleasure.

Cooke and Sky weren’t open to showing their Tocks yet, so they just turned their heads.  Do you see Panda Bear?

Cookie finally showed off her tocks by doing a full 180.

Sunny has been alerted here, and the rest of us are getting into the viewing.  If you couldn’t find Panda Bear before, now you can see him.

Sky wanted to get closer to the action so he gave Panda Bear full control of the top of the perch.

Meerkat rearranged herself to get a better view.

Finally, a nice shot of all our tocks, although now Sky is trying to shield Caramel’s from the camera!

Can you guess what had our attention?

Time to get our party started! Teleport on over!

Happy Tocktober Birthday, Derby!

14 thoughts on “Bambinoversary #4”

  1. Happy Gotcha Day!!!! Great pics of all of your tocks. Hard enough to get efurryone in the pic but showing all tocks is doubly hard. Concats to the parents for trying so hard.

    BTW, FB has a page for cats with blogs and the Ladies of Autumn also has a FB page. Do you want to be on them?

    I will be sending out invitations to the Ladies of Autumn Halloween Party at Felinestein Castle. Keep Halloween free. If you want to dress up for it you are most welcome. Just send the pic(s) to me by email.

  2. Cat tv looks great at your place. Happy happy bambinoversary to you all.

    You asked about rugby. I guess it is kinda like basketball, with 15 guys on both teams. Except on bouncing, the ball is oval and it is played outside on grass. The aim is to get it to your end and either run it under the goal posts or to kick it over.

    And yes, the US does have a team and they came over. In fact mum went and saw them play Australia a couple of weeks ago, it was an awesome match and they played well.


    Julie and Poppy Q

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