Christmas Miracle

Greetings Furriends! Sunny here. The Furry Bambinos and I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Winter/Summer Solstice, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy New Year, etc.

Clearly, we are happy. Why?

Well, for the past four weeks, we have not seem Mama. She is Sky’s and my biological mother. Mama is feral (afraid of people), so she lives outside. Mom and Dad have been feeding her for over a year now. In the summer, Mama slept on our front porch in sunbeams. Now that the weather has turned cold, Mom and Dad prepared a winter shelter for Mama. Mama had been coming to eat on the front porch just about every day, except when it was raining really hard.

Mama had even started to talk to Mom and Dad!!! This is HUGE for a feral kitty. Normally, feral kitties are silent. Kitties that trust people talk to them.

The last time we had seen Mama was November 23, the day before American Thanksgiving. We had begun to assume the worst had happened. Mom even called the Animal Warden in our town to ask if she had been found.

As it turned out, no news was good news.

Last night, as Mom and Dad were leaving to take current fosters Panda and Domino to PetSmart, Dad spotted Mama!!! On our porch!!!

Happy Dance!!!

So Dad told Mom, then went back inside to get food for Mama! Mom got out of the car, and went to the porch, where she talked soothingly to Mama. Mama had jumped off the porch and was under a bush. All Mom could see in the dark was Mama’s white bib. (I have a white bib and white footies just like my Mama. And both of us have our left ear tipped.)

Mama came out from under the bush and got close to the porch where Mom could verify that it definitely was Mama! Dad gave her a big bowl of stinky goodness, and a big bowl of crunchies.

Merry Christmas, Efurryone!

P.S. We still see Daddy about once a week, so he must have other restaurants he visits. Mom and Dad see him crossing the big busy street when he leaves our yard.

Recently, another kitty – white on belly and legs, grey stripes on head and back – has been coming to eat from the porch. He/she is big, but timid, so Mom and Dad don’t think this kitty has a home. When Spring comes, they will trap this kitty and get him/her “snipped” too.

10 thoughts on “<strong><span style="color: #ff0000;">Christmas</span> <span style="color: #008000;">Miracle</span></strong>”

  1. All the lost and homeless kittehs seem to know where to go. I guess they musta spread da word that the Sue and David Caban are the bestest. They sure took care of us real good and now we are big girls, full of vim and vinegar. We are glad to hear the good news about Mama!
    To each and efuryone, happy holidays of your choice with love from Niecy and Trish and also our human mom, Deb

  2. Again, I am so glad we got hooked up through the Secret Santa. Out of nineteen cats here, 16 were feral cats and some still are. I think a couple of the cats here were dropped off.
    We are so glad that Momma kitty came home. I had one leave for 3 months and she came home much to my amazement. It is such a relief when they show up.
    Thanks again for the wonderful Secret Santa package.
    We sure hope that all of you have a really Merry Christmas.

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