Happy Birthday Mommy … and Cookie is Nuts!

Today is our Mommy’s Birthday! We are happy that it is on a Saturday, so we get extra snuggle time with her today. She was surprised to see her birthday announced on the Cat Blogosphere! She says thank you for all the kind birthday wishes. She just got off the phone with Gramma. Mom always calls Gramma at the time Mom was born to wish her mother a Happy Mother’s Day.

We haven’t been able to blog much lately. That’s because the computer has been overheating and shutting down randomly. So Daddy performed surgery on it. This is what he pulled out.

A furball! The computer hacked up a furball! An impressive one, if I do say so myself.

In other news, I have always thought that Cookie is a bit daft when it comes to The Rug Sucking Monster. She is not afraid of it! When it comes out, most of us go running the other direction. Clyde, One Who Came Before, would hiss at it even before it got turned on. Then he would run to the farthest corner of the house to get away from it. But not Cookie.

Watch the movie and see what I mean.


Crazy, I tell you! That Cookie is bat sh*t crazy! What do you do when The Rug Sucking Monster comes out?

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mommy … and Cookie is Nuts!”

  1. Happy birthday from all of us Good Cats and our human staff too!

    Cookie does what Nicky does at our house. He sits and sits and watches and watches, but he won’t run unless the extra-loud extension is on the vacuum. OTOH, our human dad finds out where Lizzie is, then starts vacuuming at the other end of the house to give her lots of warning so she can hide.

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